Where Was Intuition Filmed?

Netflix’s new Spanish crime thriller ‘La Corazonada’ (‘Intuition’ in English) is based on the novel “La virgen en tus ojos” by Florencia Etcheves. The film centers around Manuela ‘Pipa’ Pelari who starts her career as an officer after graduating from the police academy. She joins forces with Francisco Juanez, a controversial homicide detective, and they together try to solve the mystery behind the murder of a 19-year-old girl whose prime suspect is surprisingly no one but her own best friend.

Pretty much like all the other Spanish movies of the crime genre, ‘La Corazonada’ has an intriguing premise that has twists and turns throughout its runtime. Apart from that, it also boasts a good production value and even its whole Argentine setup very well befit its dark themes. So if you’ve already watched it and you’re wondering where its filming took place, here’s everything you need to know.

La Corazonada Filming Locations

Produced by FAM Contenidos, an Argentina-based production company, ‘La Corazonada’ is Netflix’s first Argentine original film. The film has been directed Alejandro Montiel and its cast includes some well-known actors from Argentina: Rafael Ferro, Maite Lanata, Juan Guilera, Abel Ayala, Sebastián Mogordoy, Delfina Chaves and Marita Ballesteros, among others. Since its Argentina’s first Netflix original, its entire filming took place in the populous Argentine province of Buenos Aires. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina and is known to be among the most populous cities in Latin America. The grandiose city is known for its vibrant cosmopolitan vibe, and based on its appearance, it is often compared with European nations. The colonial architecture of Buenos Aires makes it the perfect filming location and that’s one big reason why several well-known films like ‘The Motorcycle Diaries‘, ‘Seven Years in Tibet’, and ‘Focus’ have been filmed here. Not too many details regarding the filming of the movie have been revealed by its filmmakers. However, since the inception of its filming, its cast and crew have kept fans updated about it through their respective social media accounts. Here’s a snap from the sets of the film in Buenos Aires:


Here are a few more stills featuring Luisana Lopilato and Joaquín Furriel, who are the two leading stars of the movie:

Here’s an entire album that features several images from the sets of the movie:

The video below is geo-tagged as “Kika Club” which suggests that a few scenes of the movie were also filmed there.

Transporte CITO, a logistics company involved with the movie, also posted the picture of a clapperboard from the movie’s sets. Check it out below:

Here’s another cast member with the clapperboard:


Here’s another visual of the movie from Kika Club:

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