Where Was Lady Bird Filmed?

Directed by Greta Gerwig, ‘Lady Bird’ follows the story of a girl named Christine McPherson. She is of rebellious nature and considers her home and town a shackle that has bound her in a mediocre existence. She craves to break free of it, which will happen when she goes to college. From there, her dreams soar higher. 

While Christine tends to her wishes, her mother tries to show her the reality of her situation. She considers every aspect, from their financial situation to her daughter’s study-ethic, and comes to the conclusion that she is trying to fly too far. It becomes the cause of the many troubles between them, and it is this complicated relationship that the film focuses on. Christine is exhausted by her mother, but she also feels repelled by her town, which emerges as a character in itself. Where is Lady Bird’s hometown? Where has the film been shot? Let’s find out.

Lady Bird Filming Locations

Making such a personal thing required Gerwig to take the story where it belonged. Relating it to her own teenage memories, she wanted the film to feel like memories too. As the story is set in Sacramento, that’s where the production set camp for the most part. However, some parts have also been filmed in LA. The final scene of the film, where Lady Bird realizes that she misses home and calls her mother, has been filmed at the First Presbyterian Church in New York City.

Sacramento, California

The story of ‘Lady Bird’ is set in Sacramento, a place she so desperately wants to escape. Because the city is such an important part of the story, there could be no substitute for it. Most of the outdoor scenes in the film have been shot here, with some locations extending to Pasadena. The Thrift Town store where Christine goes shopping is at 410 El Camino Ave, Sacramento. The Big Blue House, which Lady Bird loves, is a real place in Sacramento. It is located at 1200 block 44th Street.

The garden scene with Lady Bird and Danny is filmed at 3255 H Street. The American Market and Deli where she buys the cigarettes and magazines on her 18th birthday is located at 2331 North N Street. 


The airport scenes have been filmed at Sacramento International Airport on 6900 Airport Blvd. Some scenes have also been filmed on and around the Tower Bridge.

South Pasadena, California

The Sacred Heart Catholic school attended by Lady Bird is actually in Sierra Madre. The location is Alverno Heights Academy at 200 N Michillinda Avenue. The gym scenes were filmed at South Pasadena High School at 1401 Fremont Avenue, South Pasadena. The coffee shop where Christine works is Kaldi Coffee & Tea, 1019 El Centro St.

Los Angeles, California

While the exteriors get the Sacramento treatment, the interior scenes have been filmed largely in LA. For some of the exterior scenes, the city and its neighboring places have also been used. One of the key locations of the film is Lady Bird’s house. Gerwig couldn’t find something with the vibe she wanted in Sacramento, so she explored the surroundings of LA. After scouring over 50 locations, she finaly settled at this one: 6701 Orion Avenue in Van Nuys. 


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