Where Was Last Night in Soho Filmed?

‘Last Night in Soho’ is a mystery drama film that pays homage to a darkly glittering era. An aspiring fashion designer finds herself mysteriously transported back to the 1960s, surrounded by the glamorous nightlife of the era. However, things are more sinister than they appear on the surface, and Eloise soon finds her life careening out of control. The bejeweled vintage backdrop of the film is one of its most striking aspects and depicts what some iconic landmarks looked like many decades ago. Are you curious about the locations that were used to bring ‘Last Night in Soho’ to life? We’ve got the story!

Last Night in Soho Filming Locations

The film is largely set in 1960s London, and most of its filming was also done in the English capital. The production spent a lot of time on location, getting shots of many iconic buildings that were dressed to look like their former vintage selves. Most of the principal photography was completed before the pandemic, and the first leg of shooting lasted from May 2019 to August of the same year.

Another leg of production, consisting mainly of studio filming, took place between late June 2020 and early August 2020. The film’s director Edgar Wright reportedly used this time to get surreal footage of empty London streets during the lockdown. Now, let’s take a look at the specific locations that were used in the film.

Soho, London

As expected, the Soho district, located in the West End of London, features heavily in the film. The production crew shot at well-known establishments like Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club on 47 Frith Street, which still hosts live jazz performances. Several scenes were shot in the Windmill Theatre on 17-19 Great Windmill Street, which is now permanently closed but used to be a famous burlesque show venue.

The film reportedly used the busy lanes nearby, including Old Compton Street, Carnaby Street, Greek Street, and Berwick Street for filming, as well as Soho Square. Liberty London, the iconic luxury department store on Regent Street, Carnaby also makes an appearance. Filming in Soho was a challenge because of the constant crowds, and the crew often worked in the small hours of the night to get the required shots.

Fitzrovia, London

A portion of filming reportedly took place in the Fitzrovia district of central London around Charlotte, Percy, and Rathbone Streets. Ramsey Hall, which provides predominantly student accommodation and is situated on 20 Maple Street, was used to depict the central character’s student housing in the movie. The London College of Fashion, also in the area, hosted the production crew and multiple scenes were shot at the LCF building on 20 John Prince’s Street.

Other Locations in London

‘Last Night in Soho’ depicts vintage versions of many London landmarks, and the production crew actually filmed on location at many of them. The scenes featuring a screening of the James Bond film ‘Thunderball’ were filmed at Empire Cinemas London, located at 63-65 Haymarket Street, St. James, on the northern part of Leicester Square. In the film, we also catch a glimpse of the famous London nightclub Café de Paris (now closed). However, it was reported that for logistical reasons, the interior scenes were recreated using intricately designed sets.

The list of iconic London landmarks continues as the production crew also shot a few scenes at the famous Paddington Station on Praed Street. The eclectic atmosphere of The Toucan, an Irish pub on 19 Carlisle Street, doubled up as the backdrop while shooting a few scenes of ‘Last Night in Soho.’

Finally, multiple scenes of the fashion show in the film were shot at The Truman Brewery, which is located on 91 Brick Lane. It appears the production also used the interior of a commuter train for filming a few modern-day scenes.

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