Where Was Legacy of Lies Filmed?

Helmed by writer-director Adrian Bol, ‘Legacy of Lies’ is one of those rare spy thriller movies that attempt to engage the genre fans through complex characters and lush camerawork. The gripping conspiracy story follows lovelorn ex-MI6 agent Martin Baxter, who teams up with a mysterious reporter to unveil the truth behind an inconclusive past mission. Still, he fears nothing more than the truth.

Scott Adkins plays the central role with a range of emotions, and a cast ensemble including Honor Kneafsey, Yuliia Sobol, and Anna Butkevich assist Adkins in various positions. The shots take the viewers to distant locations, including a jail cell, an abandoned bus depot, and a rooftop parking lot. If you are having trouble locating where the movie was filmed, let us help you out.

Legacy of Lies Filming Locations

‘Legacy of Lies’ was filmed in locations in and around the UK and Ukraine, especially in Kyiv. The project was produced with the partial aid of the Ukrainian State Film Agency. In the process, the movie showcases some iconic landmarks of the city. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the movie was filmed.

Kyiv, Ukraine

In the movie, Martin works as a henchman in a nightclub. The nightclub scenes were filmed at Buddha Bar, a vibrant eatery situated at Khreschatyk Street, 14, in downtown Kyiv. The venue has been closed off. After openly revolting with the MI6, Martin and Sasha leave for the airport, where Martin gets a call from his daughter. The internal and external sequences were filmed at Boryspil International Airport, the country’s largest airport located in Boryspil, 29 kilometers east of Kyiv’s city center.

After being stepped on by Sasha, Martin relocates her at Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi Station, a prominent railway hub located at Vokzal’na Square, 1, in Kyiv. Some scenes were filmed at the premises of Vernadsky National Library Of Ukraine, the central academic library of the country, situated at Holosiivskyi Prospekt, 3, in Kyiv. The shootout sequence, in the beginning, was seemingly shot at the unique Autobus Park No.7, a defunct Soviet-era transport depot that is popularly known as “the graveyard of the buses.”

Scenes were also filmed in Kyiv Crematorium, a lasting example of Socialist Modernist architecture located at Baikova Street, 16, in the city. The cast and crew additionally visited the now-abandoned Rybalsky Bridge and the iconic Motherland Monument, a sculpture of national importance situated at Lavrska Street, 27, in the premises of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War. Also featured in the movie is the Lukyanivska Prison, a famous detention center situated in the central Lukyanivka district of the city.

London, England

The movie is a British-Ukrainian joint venture, and consequentially, some scenes were filmed in the city of Big Ben. The director and the team visited the location to capture pertinent external shots. After a direct conflict with MI6, Martin escapes the city with Sasha. A scene in the sequence was filmed in Piccadilly Circus, an iconic public space in the inner City of Westminster in London’s west end. The car park scene was filmed at Wapping Lane in the district of Shadwell, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

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