Where Was Money Talks Filmed?

‘Money Talks’ is a comical tale that follows Franklin Hatchett (Chris Tucker), a small-time con man who accidentally breaks free from the shackles of the police when the prison convoy he is on explodes. The source of this mishap happens to be an escape plan organized by a few terrorists who want to set free their leader, bound by the vehicle. Chaos ensues.

Franklin deciphers the bad guys’ goal to score a hefty pile of cash in diamonds and decides to steal the money to take care of his pregnant girlfriend. Soon, he becomes the center of a gun firing, police chase, and an impromptu dive from a helicopter. He is snappy and annoyingly chatty, which persistently dominates the whole premise of the movie. Set in Los Angeles, we wonder where it was actually filmed. Here’s everything we know.

Money Talks Filming Locations

Principal photography for ‘Money Talks’ began on July 5, 1996, and came to an end on September 25, 1996. The movie was indeed shot in and around California. Let’s get into more details.

Los Angeles, California

The production team bounced across 18 different locations in Los Angeles to shoot the movie. The Frontier Hotel, situated at 111 West 5th Street, was used as a setup against the action sequences that involve leaping and running from one rooftop to another. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, located at 3911 South Figueroa Street, Exposition Park, makes an appearance during the final scene when the movie hits its peak. The Pantages Theater, situated at 6233 Hollywood Boulevard, was redesigned into an art deco auction where Guy Cipriani (Paul Sorvino) is looking for a wedding gift for his daughter.

Image Credit: Hennepin Theatre Trust/Youtube

The theater has presented Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ (which ran over two years) and also housed the production of the Broadway musical ‘Wicked.’ The Terminal Island at Wilmington is the next location that made the cut. The island is a prominent site in the history of the Second World War, before which it accommodated thousands of Japanese Americans.

The First Street Bridge, decked up over the Los Angeles River, is featured in a scene. It is an elegant construction that goes back to the 1920s. The former Lincoln Heights Jail, situated at the Lincoln Heights neighborhood, running sideways along Los Angeles River, also appears in a few scenes. The building is a stunning piece of architecture also built in the 1920s. The 2nd Street Tunnel between Hill Street and Figueroa Street also shows up in the movie. Situated under Bunker Hill in Downtown Los Angeles, the site is frequently captured and photographed by the people.

Beverly Hills, California

Several scenes of ‘Money Talks’ were also shot in a palatial mansion situated in Beverly Hills. The area is known for its lavish houses, upscale shopping centers, and equally appealing restaurants.

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