Where Was Netflix’s Hypnotic Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘Hypnotic’ is a horror mystery movie that centers upon Jenn Tompson, a young woman with anxiety who is stuck between jobs and is struggling to keep herself motivated. With her personal and professional life in jeopardy, she turns towards a renowned hypnotherapist for help. But the intense sessions soon turn Jenn’s world upside down. Directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote, the film is packed with stand-out performances by Kate Siegel, Jason O’Mara, Dulé Hill, and Lucie Guest.

The suspense film captures the gut-wrenching experiences of Jenn as her mental and emotional state deteriorates. The feeling of ever-present danger and the mysterious setting keeps viewers hooked to the end. Thus, many may get curious about the places where the movie was shot. If you wish to learn more about the same, allow us to be your guide!

Hypnotic Filming Locations

The mystery movie was shot entirely in British Columbia. The westernmost Canadian province is known for its mesmerizing natural locales that offer ideal filming conditions. The production in the region primarily took place in Vancouver and other nearby places. So, let’s learn more about them without further ado.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The principal photography of the Kate Siegel-starrer was done in Vancouver. The shooting of the Netflix film commenced on February 17, 2021, and wrapped up just over a month later on March 25, 2021. Often touted as the Hollywood North, the city has made British Columbia a film and television production hub in recent decades, thanks to ideal weather conditions, the ease of availability of an experienced crew, and other production services.

The bustling west coast seaport city is one of the most sought-after shooting locations in North America, and it organizes the filming of more than 65 movies and 55 television shows annually. Some well-known movies shot in the region include ‘Deadpool,’ ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still,’ ‘The Comrades of Summer,’ ‘Blade: Trinity,’ and ‘2012.’

Port Moody, British Columbia

Port Moody also served as the filming location of the Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote directorial. Surrounded by the Coast Mountains from north and northwest, the city offers one of the most scenic destinations for filming in British Columbia. The small town is barely a half-hour drive away from the primary shooting location — Vancouver — and the proximity is probably one of many reasons it was chosen as a production location.

‘Hypnotic’ was filmed entirely during the global coronavirus pandemic, with strict filming guidelines in place. The production crew shot the film with the safety of the cast and crew in mind. The actors were regularly tested, and everyone wore face masks to avoid an unexpected COVID-19 outbreak on the set. Luckily, the stringent norms ultimately paid off, and filming concluded without any delays.

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