Where Was Netflix’s Love & Anarchy Filmed?

After the immense success of Netflix’s first Swedish-language web series, the crime drama ‘Quicksand’, it was only a matter of time until the global streaming service began releasing more content in Swedish. The romantic-comedy show ‘Love & Anarchy’ is the second product from that assembly line. Created by Lisa Langseth (‘Hotell’), the series revolves around a high-achieving consultant, Sofie (Ida Engvoll), and a young IT expert, Max, who works at the old publishing house that Sofie has been hired to restructure.

Soon after their meeting, a game of flirting and silly challenges begins between the two of them, and it becomes bolder and more risqué as the series progresses. It soon starts affecting various facets of their personal lives, including Sofie’s marriage. ‘Love & Anarchy’ has been mostly shot indoors due to the nature of its plot. Here is everything we know about its filming locations!

Love & Anarchy Filming Locations

Langseth and her crew started doing pre-shoots for the series in September 2019. They began production in early October. By July 2020, as per what Langseth posted on her Instagram page, all eight episodes have been filmed and edited. ‘Love & Anarchy’ was filmed in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is not only the capital of Sweden but also its most populous city (about a million residents). As ‘Love & Anarchy’ is an urban show, it couldn’t have been filmed anywhere else. Sweden, with its stable political, social, and economic climates, maintains a high international profile. Added to that, the country’s typical Scandinavian weather has turned tourism into one of its biggest industries. The above post featuring Langseth was shared by FLX, the Stockholm-based production company behind ‘Love & Anarchy.’

Stockholm has always been an attractive filming location for international projects. In the past, ‘Independence Day’ and ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ were filmed in the Venice of the North. Over the years, Sweden has produced some of the best filmmakers in history. This rich tradition of moviemaking has led to the creation of an infrastructure in its capital that primarily caters to the entertainment industry. The city also has an efficient entertainment-related workforce that can be hired both as extras and set hands even on short notice.

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