Where Was Netflix’s Prey Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘Prey’ is a German thriller that finds five hikers that are brutally hunted by a shooter. What starts off as an enjoyable day in the woods spent with friends soon turns into a deadly fight for their lives as the film’s central characters attempt to survive while trying to fathom who their deadly adversary is. The film’s forested backdrop plays a crucial role in the narrative and stresses how urbanites can sometimes be helpless in the wilderness.

The film’s initial suspense is also largely built on resounding gunshots that the five friends repeatedly hear while making their way through the woods. Curious about where this tense German thriller was filmed? We’ve got you covered. Here are the filming locations of ‘Prey!’

Prey Filming Locations

‘Prey’ was filmed entirely in Germany, with most scenes shot on location in the country’s forested regions. The COVID-19 pandemic slightly hampered filming but factors like the relatively small cast and crew, combined with the remote filming location, made following safety protocols a lot easier.

The film was also shot mostly chronologically, with cast members only coming on set on the days they were needed, which also ensured the set did not get overly crowded. Principal photography began in early November 2020 and seemingly wrapped up around December 7, 2020. Now let’s take a look at the specific filming location used to bring the Netflix film to life!

Saxony, Germany

Filming seemingly took place on location in and around the Saxon Switzerland National Park in the state of Saxony. The area is known for its hilly terrain and is located near the state capital of Dresden. Because of these factors, the National Park attracts many visitors, including hikers and even artists, that are attracted to the area’s breathtaking landscapes.

Image Credit: DW News/ YouTube

Filming likely took place in multiple parts of Saxon Switzerland National Park, including around one of its many deep fissures and canyons, inside which Vincent, one of the characters, almost slips and falls. Many of the area’s eclectic natural rock formations are also seen in the film, and the climax, in which a central character throws themself off a rocky cliff, was likely shot around them. In reality, the rock formations seen in the film are likely part of The Bastei, a group of naturally formed formations that are over hundreds of meters high.

The production also seemingly used a few of the many accommodation lodges in the area, one to depict the hut that the survivors take shelter in and the other in which Eva, one of the film’s central characters, lives. Filming also seemingly took place on the banks of the nearby Elbe river.

The fact that the national forest gets a lot of visitors, many likely from nearby cities like Dresden, also ties into the theme of the film that centers around urbanites who find themselves overwhelmed by the wilderness and are completely helpless without cell phones and vehicles.

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