Where Was Offering to the Storm Filmed?

The renowned Baztan crime thriller trilogy is coming to an end. With the promise of bigger stakes for our beloved characters and even bigger revelations of their dark world, ‘Offering to the Storm’ (Ofrenda a la tormenta) takes Inspector Amaia Salazar towards the final resolution of all the murders that took place in the series. Along with that, she’ll also have to come in terms with the memories of her past and confront her toxic mother, who disappeared in the closing moments of ‘The Legacy of the Bones.’ The ones who have watched the previous installments of this trilogy will very well know that the film captivates a viewer with its atmospheric mise-en-scene. More than its overarching mysteries, its dark filming locations lure you into its thrilling plot. So if you’re looking for a detailed guide of its filming, read on further.

Offering to the Storm Filming Locations

‘Offering to the Storm’ is the third and final installment of the Baztan Trilogy novels created by Dolores Redondo. The first two novels, titled ‘The Invisible Guardian’ and ‘The Legacy of the Bones,’ have already received movie adaptations and are available on Netflix. Just like the first two installments, the mystery plot of ‘Offering to the Storm’ ensues in Spain’s Basque Pyrenees of Navarra. In all three movies, the filmmakers have stayed loyal to its original setup. Thus, they’ve filmed them in several locations of Elizondo, a small town located in Navarre, northern Spain. 

Elizondo, Navarre, Northern Spain

As confirmed by a local news source, both ‘The Legacy of the Bones’ and ‘Offering to the Storm’ were filmed consecutively. The filmmakers started shooting the two films in August 2018 and then wrapped up its production after 19 weeks. In an interview, director of the film, Fernando González, explained that it took him such a long time to shoot the movie because of the unfavorable weather conditions of the location. There was heavy flooding in Elizondo during the movie’s filming. Still, its extensive six-month filming period allowed the lead actress, Marta Etura, to get a better understanding of her character.

Another reason why the filmmakers of the movie series took their time to film it is that they wanted to choose locations that perfectly came in tandem with Dolores Redondo’s novels. Due to this, even though it proved to be quite challenging, Fernando González managed to create a memorable Spanish thriller trilogy that not only pleases viewers with its intriguing plot but also with its stunning backdrops of medieval Basque landscapes.

In the Instagram pictures below, you can find several stills from the sets of the movie:

Here’s a video in which the author, Dolores Redondo, takes a tour of Baztan and explains how she drew inspiration from it:

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