Where Was Sightless Filmed?

‘Sightless’ is a psychological thriller movie by filmmaker Cooper Karl, that follows the story of a woman who is rendered blind after a vicious attack by an unknown assailant. Based on Karl’s short film of the same name, ‘Sightless’ stars Madelaine Petsch (‘Riverdale‘) as Ellen Ashland, who is struggling to adjust to her new reality and learning to navigate life without her eyesight. To help her, her absentee brother has hired a caregiver named Clayton (Alexander Koch). Ellen and Clayton slowly start to bond, and Clayton admits to falling in love with her.

When strange occurrences in the neighboring apartment rattle Ellen and her attacker returns to haunt her, people around her don’t believe Ellen, thinking that she’s paranoid. Unable to handle the ever-growing paranoia and depression, Ellen jumps off her balcony. But her failed attempt at suicide leads her to the awareness that everything is not as it seems, and the truth may be more sinister than what she had perceived. Curious to know where ‘Sightless’ was filmed? Here’s all that we know.

Sightless Filming Locations

‘Sightless’ is almost entirely set inside a single apartment. There are basically just five different rooms in which the harrowing tale unfolds. The movie was filmed in the state of California, with principal photography wrapping up in just a month, from May 2019 to the first week of June 2019. Let’s take a look at the specific locations where this film was shot.

Los Angeles, California

‘Sightless’ was filmed entirely on a set built on soundstages. While the details of the exact location or the production facility remain undisclosed, we do know that the filming took place in North Hollywood, in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. This comes as no surprise since LA is the home of Hollywood and has a variety of well-equipped filming studios, so most movies are filmed in the city itself. Writer/director Cooper Karl shared a picture on his Instagram account, during the shooting of the film.

For a film like ‘Sightless’, which does not have any outdoor scenes, it makes sense that filming was done on sets. Here is a photo of the director on the set of Ellen’s apartment before the set was finished.

Below is a photo of the director on the set before it was even constructed. The set design and construction took around 20-25 days before filming commenced.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes filming photo of the lead actor, Madelaine, posted on Instagram after the shooting wrapped up.

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