Where Was The Postcard Killings Filmed?

Featuring stand-out performances by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Famke Janssen, and Cush Jumbo, ‘The Postcard Killings’ is a crime thriller movie based on the novel of the same name by Swedish writers Liza Marklund and James Patterson. The film centers upon an NYPD detective named Jacob Kanon, whose investigation into the murder of his newlywed daughter and son-in-law leads him to a series of similar killings all over Europe.

Directed by Bosnian Oscar-winning filmmaker Danis Tanović, the movie captures the mystery surrounding murders with European countries serving as the backdrop of all the drama and action. The curiosity of the viewers may be aroused by some of the scenes, and they may wish to learn where the film was shot. If you are looking for similar information, then we have got you covered.

The Postcard Killings Filming Locations

‘The Postcard Killings’ was filmed on-location in north and northwestern European countries, like the United Kingdom, Norway, and Sweden. The production of the crime thriller commenced on March 15, 2019, and since it is shot in several locations, we decided to gather more information. Here’s everything we could find out.

London, United Kingdom

The principal photography of the Jeffrey Dean Morgan-starrer took place in London. The historic city, whose recorded past goes back to Roman times, is not only the third-busiest production center in the world but is also considered a finance and fashion capital. In the film, Jacob Kanon’s daughter and son-in-law arrive here to enjoy their honeymoon and end up getting murdered. In addition to the countless other shots taken in the region, some scenes were filmed at 1 Fosbury Mews as well.

The film’s production also took place in Hayes, which is located in the western part of the city. Several important scenes were filmed in West London Film Studios located at Springfield Road. The studio is spread over an area of 105,000 square feet and offers state-of-the-art production facilities that include sound reduced stages, make-up rooms, and much more.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is one of many shooting locations for the crime thriller movie. During his investigation, Kanon visits many places in Europe, Sweden being one of them, and some shots were taken on location in the city of Stockholm. The house of ex-pat American Dessie, who proves to be instrumental in Kanon’s investigation, is located in Maria Trappgränd, an alley and a street on Södermalm. The cast and crew reportedly shot several other scenes in the region as well.


A portion of the filming of the movie also took place in Norway. Located in Northern Europe, the Nordic country has deep coastal fjords, glaciers, and snow-capped mountains that make it one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The production in the region proved to be extremely tricky as the cast and crew had to withstand temperatures that dropped well below zero degrees, and the chilling winds only made shooting even more complicated.

Filming in the Scandinavian country reportedly took place in Arna and Dyranut, which are located in the Western region of Norway. The team also shot some scenes in Eidfjord, which is a municipality in Vestland county. The village is spread over an area of 178 acres and is home to about 550 people.

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