Where Was The Resort Filmed?

In the horror movieThe Resort,’ a tale of deadening horror is crafted around the titular resort. Therefore, you may imagine the importance of the location in the script. An abandoned hotel on a mysterious island sounds like an ideal backdrop of horror. Writer-director Taylor Chien tells the tale of Lex and her friends who embark upon an adventure to the mysterious Kilahuna island. The journey ultimately has damning revelations waiting for them in the resort. The rest of the movie is just people getting scared out of their wits, but in the end, the concoction is highly entertaining and amply spooky. Bet you are out to identify the actual location where the film was shot. Without further ado, let us guide you to the destination.

The Resort Filming Locations

‘The Resort’ was filmed in its entirety in the US, especially in Hawaii. Filming commenced on January 31, 2018, and was wrapped up by February 13 of the same year. The movie takes place in the Hawaiian archipelago, the director and his cast and crew carried out the filming on location in the coveted tourist destination. In an interesting turn of events, the idea of the film came to the mind of the director as he was touring the premises of the abandoned hotel. Let us now take you to the specific location where the film was shot.

Maui, Hawaii

Most of the movie was filmed on location in Maui, an island in the Central Pacific. The remote island is part of the Hawaiian archipelago. The director and his cast and crew filmed the movie on Makena, a coastal census-designated place in Maui Island. They recorded most of the sequences in the now-demolished Makena Beach & Golf Resort Maui (formerly the Maui Prince Hotel). The director had to rush since parts of the resort were already demolished when they knew about the location.

After explaining the tour in detail, the director summed it up, “So it all came from the location itself because it’s just so incredible, and they were taking it down. It is now demolished, so it’s no longer there, so we had to move quickly!” The local people working in the premises thought the location to be haunted, which added another layer of horror to the otherwise spooky environment. However, the Kilahuna island of the story is, indeed, a fabrication of the director for keeping the story shrouded in mystery.

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