Where Was What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Filmed?

‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’, directed by Swedish filmmaker Lasse Hallström, is a heartwarming tale about a young boy (Johnny Depp) dealing with unusual circumstances that stitch together to form his life. Wrapped in a quirkiness that overshadows the seriousness of his dysfunctional family, the film stands out as an unconventional watch that feels odd yet tugs at the heartstrings in the right moments. It is set against natural backdrops with somber tones stretching over far fetched landscapes. So where was it filmed? Let’s find out.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Filming Locations

‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ was filmed during the fall of 1992 in Texas. Let’s get into specific details!


The movie was primarily filmed in Texas. The fictional town of Endora, Iowa, is nothing but a cinematic portrayal of the actual town of Manor, situated just east of Austin. The scene where Arnie (Leonardo DiCaprio) chases a line of tourist trailers carrying air streamers takes place on the road located at Melber Lane, Manor. All the filming locations are tantamount to Gilbert’s life, as we mostly see him go back and forth, trying to handle different aspects of his life embedded in every place shown in the movie.

Image Credit: Youtube/The Duo Finds

The most significant one is Endora’s market, which is the main attraction called Downtown Endora, lined with outlets. Lamson’s Grocery is originally Manor Grocery located at West Parsons Street, which also assisted in the filming of the movie. The Ramp Cafe, where Gilbert eats with his friends, got renovated into a sports bar thereafter. Just beside the cafe stands a drugstore with an edgy End of The Line board that also got remodeled into a restaurant called Ramos. The Dairy Dreme building where Ellen Grape (Mary Kate Schellhardt) worked was reportedly demolished.

Image Credit: Youtube/The Duo Finds

The Carver House where Gilbert frequently visits as a delivery boy is located in South Railroad Avenue, Pflugerville. The house overlooks the water tower, Arnie’s favorite spot in the movie, situated at Parsons Street, near the market. The Craver’s insurance office where Gilbert hesitates to visit is a part of an establishment called the Kouri Building located at Lexington Street.

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The Grape Family Home is shown as a battered house lying on the fringes of Endora. The outside of the house are scenes filmed on Hodde Lane, Pflugerville. The Foodland supermarket in the movie is a grocery store located in Georgetown. The Caldwell County Courthouse in Lockhart is featured, adding to the scenic atmosphere. The cemetery where Arnie is seen playing next to the tombstone of this father, Albert, rests in Coupland. Most of the scenes alternate between Austin, Pflugerville, and Manor. The heavily aesthetic landscapes that present the horizon of Endora are stills from Illinois.

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