Whispers Ending, Explained

Netflix’s first Saudi series ‘Whispers’ is a slow-burn mystery drama. With each episode, it depicts the same day on loop and progresses its storyline by using the unique point of view of each of its characters. It then binds all of these plot points together in its final moments and ends on a very ambiguous note. So for those who could not completely understand it, here’s the ending of ‘Whispers’, explained.

Whispers Plot Summary

‘Whispers’ revolves around the death of Hassan, who supposedly dies in a car accident. While his wife, Amal, and his two daughters, Sawsan and Waad, grieve his death, they start receiving mysterious phone calls and images from his phone, which was not found on the site of his car crash. Soon after this, it is revealed that Lama, Hassan’s sister; Arwa, Hasan’s business partner; Samar, his first wife; and Khaleed, his son, join the roster where even the smallest actions of all of them somehow lead up to Hassan’s accident. And what initially seemed like an accident, soon starts to seem like a grand scheme of murder.

Amal and Arwa

Throughout its runtime, ‘Whispers’ is driven by several plots surrounding Hassan’s murder. The first episode unfolds from Amal’s perspective, which establishes that someone took away Hassan’s phone from his accident site and is now messaging her. At this point in the series, Amal and her daughters also claim that they still feel Hassan’s presence all around them which suggests that a supernatural force is leading them up to what truly happened to Hassan. When the story starts to unfold from Hassan’s business partner, Arwa’s perspective, the tracing of Hassan’s phone calls reveals that he was in touch with Lama moments before his accident took place. This makes Lama a prime suspect of Hassan’s murder.

Sawsan and Waad

Sawsan, who is revealed to be Hassan’s stepdaughter, is not able to mourn her step father’s death as she struggles to understand if he truly loved her or not. Sawsan also keeps a big secret from the rest of her family members: Just a week before Hassan’s death, she had started talking to her biological father. In the meantime, Waad, who is Hassan’s biological daughter, learns a lot about Lama and Hassan’s tainted relationship. Along with that, using her hacking skills, she also learns a lot about Samar, he father’s ex-wife.


In the initial moments of the series, Khaleed seems to be just a secondary employee at Hassan’s company. But it is later revealed that he is actually Hassan and Samar’s son and he intentionally joined Hassan’s startup. Khaleed is the one who deduces that moments before the car accident, Hassan had contacted a man named Walid Al-Salhi. Turns out that Walid’s real name was Ibrahim Ayed and he is actually Sawsan’s biological father and Amal’s ex-husband.

The Ending: Who Killed Hassan?

In the final episode of the series, everything unfolds from Hassan’s perspective and a scene reveals that right before his accident, Hassan had met Ibrahim Ayed and had blackmailed him using all of his illegal bank transactions. But instead of handing him over to the police, Hassan had simply asked him to leave the town and never look back again. Although it isn’t directly implied, Hassan was probably doing this to keep his family safe from the man.

After learning that Ibrahim was talking to his daughter, Hassan’s concerns about the protection of his family grew. Moreover, he very well knew the kind of person Ibrahim was since his wife was previously married to him. So just to keep Ibrahim away from his family, Hassan hacked into his bank account and used his record of illegal transactions to force him to leave them alone.

In the closing scenes of the series, after Hassan’s car crashes and he gasps for his last few breaths, he tries to send a message from his phone. However, he is unable to do so and that’s when an unknown man walks up to him. Going by all the revelations previously made in the series, this unknown man is probably Ibrahim, and for obvious reasons, he killed Hassan because Hassan had previously threatened him.

This also explains that Ibrahim was sending all those text messages to everyone close to Hassan. As an act of revenge, he wanted to expose all of Hassan’s secrets and make him look like the bad guy in front of his family. Moreover, it was Ibrahim who exploited Samar’s anger and triggered her to get in touch with Lama so that both of them could destroy his startup. But even with all of these revelations, instead of accepting their mistakes, Hassan’s family only blames one another for his death and no one takes accountability for what happened to him.

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