Who Are the VIPs in Squid Game?

In ‘Squid Game,’ writer-director Dong-hyuk Hwang builds the narrative by gradually introducing new aspects of the story. The VIPs represent one such aspect. In episode 5, Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon) and an administrator navigate through the underground tunnels created so that the VIPs would have an alternate route out of the gaming island in case of an emergency. There are explosive devices on the wall that will go off after the VIPs pass. When a disguised Jun-ho asks the other man who the VIPs are, the administrator says he doesn’t know. If you are curious about the VIPs, we got you covered.

Who Are the VIPs?

The VIPs are clients of Oh Il-nam (Yeong-su Oh). They are as obscenely wealthy as him and have access to everything that a person can ever wish for. This made them bored with their lives as they didn’t find joy and entertainment in anything. Il-nam subsequently decided to create the Squid Games so that he and his clients would have a place where they could gamble with people’s lives instead of racing horses. Evidently, many of the clients loved the idea, and they became VIPs.

The game has been hosted annually since the 1990s. It seems that the VIPs generally watch the games from the comfort of their homes for the most part. But they probably come to the gaming island in the last phase of the game every year to experience it personally. Like everyone else on the island, they must wear specific masks to maintain their anonymity. These masks are made of some golden material and have the appearance of animal heads. But predictably, the anonymity rule is much more relaxed while it is being applied to the VIPs. After all, they are the customers of this twisted form of pleasure.

During the Glass Stepping Stones round, the VIPs lounge in a garden setting surrounded by painted figures while watching the game. A masked Jun-ho catches the interest of one of the VIPs, who takes him to a private room to have sex with him. Instead, Jun-ho holds the VIP at gunpoint after the latter sheds all his clothes and forces him to divulge everything he knows about the Squid Game. The administrators later find the VIP, unconscious but alive.

It appears that Il-nam personally hosts his clients every year. This is why his absence is noted by the guests this year. What they don’t know is that he has joined the game as a player. Realizing that he doesn’t have much time in his hands because of the tumor, he decides to experience the very thing he created. The VIPs watch till the last round. They can’t believe their eyes when they see Gi-hun deciding to give up on the money to save his childhood friend.

In their greed-riddled and selfish minds, they can’t comprehend how anyone can be that selfless. Given that the game continues even after Il-nam’s death, the VIPs are probably still very much involved. They are a group of people who are largely shrouded in mystery. It will be interesting to see if the creators reveal more information about them in the prospective future seasons.

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