Who is Annabel Ward in Lockwood and Co? Who Killed Her?

Netflix’s teen supernatural series ‘Lockwood and Co’ is set in a world where ghosts have completely changed the way we look at the world. They broke into the mortal world fifty years ago, and since then, have changed it in so many ways that it looks nothing like our world. The mere touch of a ghost can kill someone, and the adults can’t do anything about it because they don’t have the power to sense them. Only some talented teens show that power, and they are trained to be ghost hunters.

The show follows the story of Lucy Carlyle who joins Lockwood and George as the third part of the ghost-hunting agency. Soon after she joins, they are hired to rid a house of a haunting which seems rather easy to do. Soon, however, they discover there is an entirely different story behind it, and it all revolves around the life and death of a certain Annabel Ward. Who was she and what happened to her? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Who is Annabel Ward?

Annabel Ward was an aspiring actress who lived in London during the ‘80s. She was known for her work in Shakespearean plays, especially her performance in ‘Hamlet’. Annabel had made a name for herself and she was on her way to America to launch a career in Hollywood. However, just when she was scheduled to leave for Los Angeles, she went missing and no one knew what happened to her until Lockwood and Co stumbled upon her case several decades later.

Lucy and Lockwood arrive at just another house, which they are told are being haunted by a Type I ghost. Such ghosts are the most common and the least powerful ones. It is easy to handle them, which is why Lockwood gets a little careless with the preparation. However, Lucy soon realizes that they have a much bigger problem at hand, because the house has a Type II ghost, and that is Annabel Ward. It is she who had been haunting the house and scaring the old couple living in it.

While fighting off her ghost, Lucy and Lockwood find her dead body inside the wall of the house. Lucy is attracted to Annabel’s ring and she takes it with her as the house burns down behind them. It is clear that Annabel had been killed inside the house, and her murder was never solved because no one ever found the body. This leads Lockwood and Co to a revelation that makes things all the more dangerous for them.

Who Killed Annabel Ward?

Diving into Annabel’s history in theatre, Lockwood and Co discover that she was in a relationship with her co-star, Hugo Blake, who’d worked with her in several plays, including ‘Hamlet’. Lucy uses Annabel’s ring to sense what she was feeling when she died and discovers that Annabel had been choked to death inside the house which she was haunting. She was in love with the man who killed her, and it was the same man who’d given her the ring. When she died, he hid her body inside the wall of the house and went on with his life.

Lockwood and Co suspect Hugo Blake because he was Annabel’s boyfriend at the time. From an old newspaper clipping, they find out that he was interrogated by the cops but was let go due to the lack of evidence against him. He also had a solid alibi which didn’t place him inside the house when the murder took place. Still, the ghost hunters are convinced that Blake killed her. That is until they are hired to take on another, very dangerous case by John Fairfax, a very wealthy and powerful man.

In his young years, John Fairfax indulged in a lot of ventures, one of which was his love for drama and theatre. This thread leads Lockwood to connect Fairfax to Annabel, realizing that he had seen him in the background of a picture with her. It turns out that Fairfax and Annabel were having a secret affair. It was he who gave Annabel the ring and he who choked her to death that night. He succeeded in getting away with the murder and became rich and influential. He knew he would never be caught because there was no evidence against him. But then, when Annabel’s body is found and Lucy takes her ring, there is direct evidence that connects him to Annabel, proving that it was he who killed her.

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