Who is GodGod? Where is Moon Hyung-wook Now?

Netflix’s documentary titled ‘Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror’ offers the viewers an insight into the horrific crimes perpetrated by men hiding behind an alias online. The documentary delves into how the authorities clamped down on the rampant online sexual exploitation of women and girls. GodGod, an online alias used by Moon Hyung-wook, is one such criminal. So, let’s find out what happened to him then, shall we?

Who is GodGod?

Like Cho Ju-Bin AKA Baksa, GodGod also blackmailed women and girls into performing derogatory sexual acts and then sold those videos on Telegram groups. Not just that, GodGod, or Moon, was also the creator of the Nth Rooms, chatrooms on Telegram that hosted the videos and images for group members. Moon primarily zeroed in on women and underage girls who had uploaded revealing photos of themselves online.

Moon would then tell them that the authorities were looking into them on the grounds of sharing sexual content. After that, he would somehow get their personal information and then start blackmailing them. Believing they had no other option, the women and girls would record and send sexually explicit photos and videos. Moon would then share the footage on these Telegram groups for members who would pay to watch.

Later on, Moon admitted to soliciting others to sexually assault women and record the act. In one case from December 2018, a 29-year-old man filmed himself raping a high school student twice, with Moon using the video to threaten the rape survivor’s mother. According to the authorities, he had sexually explicit videos of at least 21 girls and blackmailed at least three parents with the videos. Furthermore, they accused him of involving at least ten underage girls and uploading close to 4000 videos onto Telegram.

Where is Moon Hyung-wook Now?

Moon Hyung-wook, then 24-years-old, was arrested in May 2020, just months after Baksa’s arrest. However, he claimed to have no connection with Cho. Moon told the police that he received about $730 in gift certificates as profits but contended that he gave it back to the affected women to keep them quiet. He was eventually sentenced to 34 years in prison for operating the chatrooms and distributing sexually explicit videos. Moon was also ordered to wear an ankle bracelet for 30 years after his release. It seems that he is now serving his sentence at a correctional facility in South Korea.

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