Who is Reymundo’s Mom’s Boyfriend? Why Does Nick Torres Want to Kill Him?

The second half of CBS’ thriller series ‘NCIS’ revolves around the NCIS Major Case Response Team’s efforts to prevent a Russian attack on the United States. In the twentieth season finale, NCIS Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres goes undercover to find out more about the secret attack, only to come across an unnamed man accidentally. Although Nick plays a significant role in the investigation into the attack, his mind gets occupied with the man ever since he sees the latter. Since the season ends with Nick threatening to kill him, the viewers must be eager to know all about the unnamed man. Well, here’s everything we can share about him! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Mystery Visitor: Reymundo’s Mom’s Boyfriend

In the twenty-second episode of the twentieth season, Nick goes to prison undercover to find more information about the attack Kostya Valkov has been planning. In the prison, he gets acquainted with Reymundo De Leon, who is imprisoned for fraud. When Reymundo’s mom’s boyfriend visits him at the prison, Nick recognizes him. After leaving the prison, he calls his sister Lucia to inform her that he found “him” and that “he’s still doing it.” From Nick’s conversation with Lucia, it is evident that he knows the man well. Since the NCIS agent refers to the man as a “bastard,” it is safe to assume that the man and Nick’s family had a severe dispute in the past.

According to Reymundo, the unnamed man has made the former and his mother’s lives miserable the moment he entered the same. The same could be the case with Nick and his family, which can be why he informs Lucia that “he’s still doing it.” Even though Reymundo is convicted of fraud, the young man is adamant that he was framed and sentenced for a crime he didn’t commit. Considering Nick’s words to his sister, the unnamed man might even have committed the fraud Reymundo was convicted of. During Nick’s time at the prison, Reymundo tells the agent that the man is trying to “help” him by trying to find the fraudster who really committed the crime.

If the unnamed man is really the one behind the fraud Reymundo is convicted of, he must be keeping in touch with his partner’s son to make sure that he will remain behind bars. The man must be acting as Reymundo’s counsel not to help the latter but to make sure that the young man will suffer instead of him.

Nick’s Quest for Revenge

After putting an end to Kostya Valkov’s attack, Nick parts ways with his colleagues to end up at the house of Reymundo’s mom’s boyfriend. After taking some time, the man refers to the NCIS agent as “Nicky,” which reveals a former personal connection. Nick wants to kill the unnamed man for what the latter seemingly did to the former and his family in the past. If Reymundo’s case makes Nick tell his sister that “he’s still doing it,” the NCIS agent might have been in the former’s position. The unnamed man must have befriended Nick’s family, only to commit a crime and frame Nick for the same.

Image Credit: Karen Neal/CBS

Nick and Lucia arrived in the United States after a troubled and threatened upbringing in Panama, his home country. As an American, the unnamed man might have helped anyone from the Torres family to earn their trust. After becoming an integral part of such a vulnerable family, he must have shown his true nature by framing a young Nick for a crime the former committed. Nick may want to take revenge for such a betrayal. Nick believes that Reymundo is innocent soon after he sees the unnamed man and the same must have happened because Nick might have been in the young man’s position years ago.

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