Who is the Interviewer in Daisy Jones and the Six? Spoiler

Image Credit: Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

Prime Video’s ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ is the story of a band that breaks away in its prime. The show charts the journey of the characters who start at the bottom to become a part of one of the most successful rock bands during the 70s. Their disbanding at the height of their career is a shock to everyone, but the band doesn’t talk about it to anyone. Not for twenty years. This is when every member of the band agrees to open up about what really happened that day and why they went their separate ways. A documentary maker conducts interviews with them. Their identity is not revealed for some time, which might make you wonder who is interviewing the band. Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Seychelle Gabriel as Julia Dunne: The Interviewer

‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ is based on the book of the same name by Taylor Jenkins Reid. The story is told in a documentary format and the identity of the interviewer has been deliberately kept a secret as it is highly important to the plot. The show follows in its footsteps, but there is one detail that gives away the identity of the person interviewing the band.

In the credits, actress Seychelle Gabriel is credited as the Interviewer. A look at the IMDb page of the actress, who is known for working in ‘The Tomorrow War’ and ‘Revenge’, among others, reveals that she is also credited for the role of Julia in ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’. By the third episode, the only Julia that we know in the show is Billy and Camila’s daughter. Considering that the interview takes place twenty years later, baby Julia would be around the same age as the actress. This confirms that the Julia Seychelle Gabriel plays in the show is Julia Dunne.

In the novel, the secret of the interviewer’s identity is revealed towards the end when Julia reveals not only her connection to the band but also the fate of her parents and their relationship. Considering that she was very young when the band broke up, it would make sense why she chose to go into this mystery. Unlike the fans of the band, it would be a very personal journey for her as it would reveal the truth behind who her parents used to be and what upheavals they went through in their lives.

With Daisy Jones and the Six becoming such a huge thing, Julia was bound to have grown under its shadow. She would have grown up hearing stories about the band, learning just how big of a deal they were. Because her parents never talked about it, it must have been a continuing mystery her entire life. Due to her connection to the band and her proximity to almost all of them, she is also in a unique position to be the one who gets them all talking eventually.

When the band disbanded they didn’t talk about it for twenty years. One wonders what changed, what prodded them to speak out about it now? The answer is Julia. She was born when they were still together. It was after her birth that things took a turn for everyone, particularly Billy. She is important to everyone, including Daisy. While we are yet to see their relationship develop in the show, in the book, Daisy and Julia are revealed to have been close while the band was still intact. Considering this, it makes sense why Julia is the only one with the right intention to uncover the truth and why she is the only one that the band would open up to.

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