Who Wins the Girls’ Competition in Cobra Kai Season 4? [Spoiler]

Image Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/ Netflix

In the season 3 finale, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) make a bet with John Kreese (Martin Kove). The fates of their dojos will be decided in the upcoming All-Valley Karate Tournament. The loser will shut down their dojo. Daniel and Johnny decide to merge their Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang dojos to defeat Cobra Kai. Meanwhile, Kreese reaches out to Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), his friend and co-founder of Cobra Kai, for help.

In ‘Kicks Get Chicks’ (season 4 episode 6), the organizers announce that the 51st All-Valley Karate Tournament will have new rules. This time, the participants will take part in a skills competition, which includes kata, board-breaking, and weapon display. Moreover, there will be two champions this year, one male and one female. If you are wondering who ultimately wins the girls’ competition, we got you covered.

Who Wins the Girls’ Competition?

By the time the new rules are announced, Daniel and Johnny have already parted ways and decided to enter their respective students separately. This predictably ends up posing several problems for both dojos. For Eagle Fang, the biggest issue turns out to be the complete lack of a female competitor in their team. So, Johnny decides to go to Miguel and Sam’s (Mary Mouser) school and recruit some girls, and it turns out to be as ridiculous and hilarious as one might think it would.

Johnny and Miguel manage to convince Piper, the highly-competitive former girlfriend of Moon, to try out karate, but she ends up joining Cobra Kai. Eventually, Eagle Fang finds their female competitor in Devon Lee, a fierce debate team member. Meanwhile, Sam still fights for her father’s dojo, while Tory (Peyton List) represents Cobra Kai. Even though there will be two winners, the bet Cobra Kai made with Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang still stands, as the dojo with the most points at the end of the competition will be declared the grand champion.

At the tournament, Cobra Kai quickly emerges as the dojo to beat. Miyagi-Do puts up a valiant effort, but Cobra Kai still comes on top after the skills competition. Following a performance from Carrie Underwood, the male and female division fights begin. Cobra Kai, Miyagi-Do, and Eagle Fang make it to the quarterfinals, with Sam, Devon, Piper, and Tory representing their respective dojos. Tory wins her match against Devon. And after Miguel withdraws, Eagle Fang is forced out of the grand championship.

But Johnny’s teachings continue to persist in the tournament through Sam. In her match against Piper, Sam uses techniques she learned from Johnny to defeat her opponent, much to Daniel’s surprise and disappointment. He even tells his daughter that she didn’t win the right way, refusing to acknowledge that if she adhered only to his teachings, she would have lost. Fortunately, he rectifies this prejudice during the final match and lets Johnny serve as Sam’s teacher alongside him.

The animosity between Sam and Tory has been building up for seasons 2 and 3, and it culminates in the season 4 finale. Students from Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do compete in the finals of both divisions. Cobra Kai needs to win only one match to become the grand champion, while Miyagi-Do needs to win both.

Hawk wins the boys’ division final against Robby. So, it all comes down to the girls’ division final between Tory and Sam. The latter uses a combination of the styles of both her teachers, but ultimately Tory wins the match and the division title, effectively securing the grand championship for her dojo as well. However, Tory’s celebration comes to a sudden halt when she discovers that Silver bribed the referee so that he would ensure that the match would go in Tory and Cobra Kai’s favor.

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