Will Eve Die in La Brea? Theories

NBC’s ‘La Brea’ follows the story of Gavin Harris and his family, who get entangled in a complicated turn of events. A sinkhole suddenly opens in the middle of LA and Gavin’s wife Eve and their son, Josh, fall through it. Back home, Gavin has visions about the world that they are stuck in. It is much later that he realizes that he has been having visions from his time in 10,000 BC and that he himself has been there before, even though he doesn’t remember it. The visions become an important part of the story, but they stop when Gavin goes to the past. He gets another vision again, but this time, he sees something that has not happened again. What does this vision mean for him and his family? Let’s find out.

Fear Grips Eve

Image Credits: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

Gavin started having visions years before the sinkhole opened in LA and his life changed forever. This was back when he was still a pilot. His plane crashed and he sustained serious injuries. Once he recovered, he was plagued with visions, which he couldn’t understand. It later turned out that he’d unknowingly flown over another sinkhole which triggered something in his mind. He later discovers that he had been in 10,000 BC when he was a child. So, these visions were actually the memories of his past.

What makes Gavin’s vision in 1988 stand out is the fact that it is not a memory. It hasn’t happened yet, which makes it more difficult for Gavin to decipher what it means. The vision comes right before he and Eve are about to jump through a portal that will take them from 1988 to 10,000 BC. In it, he sees Eve lying in his arms, with red flowers strewn around them. To him, it looks like Eve is dead.

Despite the feeling, Gavin decides that he doesn’t have enough information, so he shouldn’t make any assumptions. He is aware of the tricky nature of visions because they often don’t show the complete picture. This is why he doesn’t share it with his family, especially Eve. They already have a lot going on with them and he doesn’t want them to worry about something that hasn’t even happened yet. Moreover, he aims to stop it from happening at all.

A lot of things happen before Gavin can process his vision, and by then, Izzy and Eve have found out about it. Learning about her death is very upsetting for Eve and the fear is heightened when she actually finds herself in a situation that might as well have ended with her death. While looking for clues to find out who murdered Wyatt, she falls down a hole and her leg gets stuck under a rock. She is completely unable to move and because she’d been alone, no one knows that she’s trapped there.

Image Credits: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

What makes Eve more concerned is the presence of the red flowers from Gavin’s vision. These flowers only grew in 10,000 BC, which means that according to the vision, Eve is to die in this time period. To counter this, Gavin decided to help James figure out a way to make the portal safer for traveling so that they can leave 10,000 BC. If they are not there, then the vision won’t come true. Eve had been upset by Gavin’s decision, but when she gets trapped in a place with the same flowers, she is forced to confront the possibility that she might die.

Considering that Eve is one of the main characters of the show, it is highly unlikely that she’d be killed off. Even if it eventually happens, it won’t be so early in the show. Still, this doesn’t nullify Gavin’s vision and rather creates more questions about it. There is still a question about whether this vision is a premonition or a memory. Due to the twisted nature of time travel, events don’t always happen linearly in time. This means that Gavin’s decision might already have happened. However, if it is a premonition, there is a chance that it might not happen at all. Knowing what’s about to happen and where (it has to be around the tree with the red flowers), Gavin might succeed in turning events such that his wife doesn’t die.

A better and more probable explanation is that Eve isn’t really dead in Gavin’s vision. He deduces this from the fact that she doesn’t wake up. It could be that she is seriously hurt, but isn’t quite dead. She is simply unconscious and might wake upon receiving medical help in time. The feeling of death that Gavin got from the vision could simply be an echo of his own fear. At that moment, he fears that Eve is dead, even though it is not confirmed. So, when he receives the vision, this fear is passed on, leading him to do the things that will eventually end up with the vision turning into a reality.

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