Will Perry Mason and Ginny Aimes End Up Together? Theories

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HBO’s crime drama, ‘Perry Mason’ follows the story of the titular character who defends innocent people. The second season has Mason take the case of the Gallardo brothers when they are accused of killing Brooks McCutcheon, the son of an oil tycoon. Initially, Perry believes in his client’s innocence, but soon, he discovers that things are not as simple. The rampant corruption in LA is the heart of the mystery Perry needs to solve.

In between this, we also see Perry’s personal life, which is often just as turbulent as his cases. He meets Ms. Ginny Aimes, a teacher at Teddy’s school. Even in their limited encounters, Perry and Ginny develop a friendship. Will it evolve into a romantic relationship? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Will Perry Mason End up With Ginny Aimes?

Image Credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

The plot of ‘Perry Mason’ might have a criminal case as its main event, but the private life of the defense attorney is also an integral part of the story. The conflicts in his life reflect on his mental state and how he approaches his clients’ defense. In the first season, we discover that Perry’s love life has been through many ups and downs. He is divorced from his wife, Linda, and has a son, Teddy. Maintaining a good relationship with his son is very important to Perry.

In the first season, Perry has an affair with Lupe Gibbs, a wealthy woman who wants his far to expand her airstrip. Despite sleeping with each other, they remain at odds about selling the farm. Eventually, Lupe gets it when the place is auctioned because Perry didn’t pay the tax on the property. This comes as a betrayal to Perry and marks the end of their romantic relationship.

In the second season, Perry meets Ms. Aimes, Teddy’s schoolteacher. They meet for the first time at a parent-teacher meeting, where she gives him and Linda an assessment of Teddy in his new school. They meet again at the school when Perry comes to drop off Teddy. In these interactions, things remain formal, but they have a proper conversation when they meet outside of school.

In the third episode, Perry takes Teddy to learn horse riding, but the boy doesn’t seem to take to it. This is when Ms. Aimes arrives, revealing that she works there to earn extra money. She also loves horses, the first thing she has in common with Perry. She sees that Teddy is struggling and helps him by exchanging his obstinate horse with a friendlier one.

Image Credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

Here, we discover that Ms. Aimes is divorced from her husband, another thing she has in common with Perry. She moved to LA because she wanted to start a new life and loved the idea of moving to the city. This heart-to-heart builds a bond between them. The next time they meet is at Teddy’s school, where Perry creates a scene by hitting one of the parents. Later that evening, Ms. Aimes knocks at Perry’s door, revealing that she found his address in the school registry. She brings him food and is about to leave when Perry invites her in.

This marks the beginning of Ms. Aimes and Perry’s affair. However, does it mean that it will last? Perry Mason has a lot of issues. He has PTSD and is struggling with the guilt of Emily Dodson’s death. What plagues him more is his inability to bond better with his son. He wants to be a good father, but despite all his efforts, he always does something that undoes all the good work. All of this feeds into his alcoholism, which is one of the reasons behind the failure of his first marriage.

When Ms. Aimes arrives at Perry’s home, he is already drunk. He is depressed about how everything is panning out, especially after he discovers that his clients are not as innocent as he imagined. The pressure to win the case while dealing with some of the most influential figures in LA will take a toll on him, which will also start to show in his relationships. Perry might learn something from his divorce and not repeat the mistakes he made with Linda. This might keep his and Aimes’ relationship on the right track. But there is still a good chance of Perry messing it up by letting his personal and professional woes enter his romance.

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