Will Vivian Die? Is Teri Polo Leaving NCIS?

The nineteenth season of CBS’ thriller series ‘NCIS’ ends with the abduction of Vivian Kolchak, ex-wife of Supervisory Special Agent Alden Parker. Even though Vivian manages to escape, her abduction leads Parker to his nemesis, the “Raven.” In the twentieth season premiere, Alden and Vivian try to find the Raven and put an end to their miseries. Parker teams up with his NCIS colleagues to lure the Raven to come out of his hideout so that they can capture him. Their attempts, unfortunately, lead them to a shootout with terrible consequences. Since the viewers must be alarmed about her fate, we have dived into the development in detail. Let us share our thoughts!

Will Vivian Die?

After the death of Parker’s former FBI partner Frank Ressler, the FBI starts to hunt him and Vivian for the murder of Ressler. With the help of his NCIS colleagues and director Leon Vance, Parker and Vivian run away and commence their efforts to prove their innocence. Since they are sure that the Raven is behind Ressler’s murder and Vivian’s abduction, Parker joins Timothy McGee to discover why the enemy is framing him, which leads him to Maxwell Herman, a convicted hacker. Under the impression that the whole predicament is conceived for the Raven to force Maxwell to work for him again, Parker and McGee facilitate the hacker’s release to force the Raven to come out for him.

While transferring Maxwell to a safe house, Raven’s men attack Parker and his fellow NCIS agents. During the shootout, Vivian gets shot by one of the men. Even though she has to fight for her life, the bullet wound may not turn out to be fatal. Parker and others make sure that she receives the necessary medical care. After admitting Vivian to the hospital, Nick Torres calls Parker to know about her condition, only for him to reply that she “will be fine,” indicating that there is nothing alarming about her current status. In the upcoming episodes of the twentieth season, we may see Vivian taking her time to recover from her wound to return to her work.

Having said that, admirers of the show must be alarmed about Vivian’s present condition being an indication of Teri Polo’s potential departure from the show. Will we see Polo’s exit soon? Let’s find out!

Is Teri Polo Leaving NCIS?

As of yet, neither CBS nor Teri Polo announced the actress’ departure from ‘NCIS.’ Furthermore, Polo is part of the recurring cast of the show’s twentieth season, which makes it sure that the actress will not leave the series right after just one episode of the current installment. Considering that Vivian’s condition is not critical, we can expect Polo’s character to recover soon and calm her ex-husband’s nerves. In light of the actress’ participation in the show as a recurring cast member, Vivian is expected to play a major role in the season’s storylines.

In an interview given in September 2022, showrunner Steve Binder revealed that the personal lives of the agents will be a significant part of the twentieth season. Since Vivian is an integral part of Parker’s life, we can expect her recovery and presence in her ex-husband’s personal and possibly professional lives. Considering these factors, we believe that we will see more of Teri Polo in the upcoming episodes of ‘NCIS’ season 20.

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