William Larkham Jr: Where is the Alone Contestant Now?

Image Credit: History

History Channel’s ‘Alone’ is a reality TV series that transports survivalists to some of the most unforgiving environments on Earth. Season 11 saw 10 contestants take on the tundra of the Arctic Circle in a challenge to be the last one to tap out and claim the $500,000 grand prize. Among them was William Larkham Jr., a seasoned fisherman from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador.

William’s extensive experience in the cold wilderness of the Great White North allowed him to endure the harsh Arctic conditions. Despite being older than most contestants, he showed great tenacity and willpower, capturing the attention of many series fans. Following his departure from the show, some may be eager to find out what the skillful survivor is doing back in the civilized world.

William Larkham Jr. Vlogs His Adventures on YouTube

Returning to the cold of Happy Valley-Goose Bay from the extreme cold of the Arctic Circle, William underwent refeeding and was monitored medically. For a while, he did not return to his usual work until he recovered completely by February 2024. At the time of writing, William has a YouTube channel with over 20,000 subscribers. He uploads videos about hunting, trapping, and fishing in the extreme conditions around his coastal town.

On February 28, he made an upload about a fishing and hunting trip to Double Mer. The video saw him and a friend traveling through the snowy forests and vast white open expanses on snowmobiles. They end up catching trout and a rabbit, which William cleans and vacuum packs. Given that this was his first upload in about 6 months, his subscribers were missing his videos and were glad to see him back. In March, he ventured to Double Mer again, followed by a Moose and Ptarmigan hunt, during which his vehicle malfunctioned due to the cold.

As William ventured into deep snow for a ptarmigan hunt in April, the ‘Alone’ survivor made use of snowshoes with thick nets to stay on the freshly snowed surface. He explained that each hunter has a limit set on the number of each type of animal they can bring in, and went on to catch twenty-five ptarmigan, reaching his daily cap. In June, William was interviewed by CBC radio Labrador Morning about his time leading up to ‘Alone’ and the experiences he had.

William’s YouTube channel seems to be growing steadily and has received a new influx of regular viewers after the airing of ‘Alone’ season 11. So far, the Happy Valley-Goose Bay resident continues to hunt and fish around the town and is preparing for the fishing season while commentating on each episode of the show with his insights and thoughts.

William Larkham Jr. Often Goes on Trips with His Family

William is a family man at heart and seeks to move his family to a more hospitable environment in the future. That is not to say that they don’t enjoy their time in the remote coastal town, far from it. The ‘Alone’ star often shares moments of him in the outdoors with his wife, Jill, and their children. In March, he and Jill went ptarmigan hunting together in the heavily snowed wilderness, and she proved herself a good shot, quickly taking aim and shooting down a bird from afar despite a standing stance in snow boots.

Image Credit: William Larkham Jr/YouTube

April saw the 49-year-old unpack a new Thor Portable Grill and have a barbeque on the day of the solar eclipse. With Jill helping him gather firewood for the grill, William made bacon and cheeseburgers for the family to enjoy as they looked at the solar eclipse in excitement with the necessary precautions. He often takes family members on fishing trips and outdoor adventures, traversing the picturesque Labrador landscape in snowmobiles or the choppy seas in boats.

They joined their extended family in early April for an ice fishing trip to the St. Lewis Inlet starting from the Red Roof. With his cousins, nephews, and nieces included, the large group had a great time packing up supplies, riding together over the ice, catching a load of fish, and finally cooking them over a barbeque, joking and laughing throughout. With his steady YouTube growth, bountiful fishing hauls, and the remuneration he received from ‘Alone,’ we hope that William will soon be able to provide his family with the comforts and change he seeks for them.

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