Wonder: How does Daisy the Dog Die?

In ‘Wonder,’ a boy ventures alone into the world for the first time when his parents enroll him in a school. So far, he had been homeschooled, and whenever he went out, he would wear a space helmet because he didn’t like people staring at him due to his medical facial deformity. But his parents counter that he has to face the world at some point, and going to a proper school is the best way to go about it. While the expected challenges come his way, especially in the form of bullies, the incredible support he receives from his parents helps him through it. He also has a dog, Daisy, whose presence eases his and the family’s tension; this makes the dog’s loss even more heartbreaking. SPOILERS AHEAD

Daisy’s Old Age Comes With Fatal Health Problems

Daisy has been a part of the Pullman family for a long time. The film begins with Auggie, who is already ten years old, but by then, it has already been many years since Daisy joined the family. Later, Auggie mentions that Daisy had always been waiting for him after every surgery and became his silent supporter, comforting him on the days nothing else could. But while Auggie was going through his own struggles, Daisy was silently suffering from health problems that eventually claimed her life.

Her worsening health comes into focus when, one day, Auggie’s mother, Isabel, notices Daisy whimpering. When she vomits, Isabel takes her to the vet. Auggie’s father, Nate, joins her there, and when they come back home, the dog isn’t with them. It is not spoken outright, but it is clear that Daisy’s health had been so far off, and she was in so much pain that there was no other way but to have her euthanized. Her passing is a painful affair for the Pullman family, and it is especially heartbreaking for Nate, who is later found silently crying at the dinner table.

While the film doesn’t give much time to Daisy’s backstory, from the book, which serves as the source material for the film, we discover that Daisy was rescued by Nate from the streets when a homeless man offered him the dog for $10. Nate gave twenty to the man, took the dog to the vet and then brought him home. It seemed like a decision he had taken on a whim, but it shows how he immediately felt attached to the dog, and considering that he was the one to bring him home, the dog would have felt more attached to him, too, as compared to other members of the family.

With Auggie’s health condition and the several surgeries he has to undergo, in addition to the other challenges they have to face, the Pullman family finds an unwavering companion in Daisy, who is always there for them. Because she has been through it all with them, she is one of them, and when she dies, it is nothing short of losing a family member.

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