Worst Cooks in America Renewed For Season 28 at Food Network

Food Network has renewed the reality series ‘Worst Cooks in America’ for season 28. The filming of the upcoming installment is slated to take place between April and mid-May. The casting for the season is underway to find the winner who will walk away with the prize of $25,000. Anne Burrell is expected to return as the primary host, along with a new co-host.

In season 27 of the show, Anne Burrell and her co-host Tiffany Derry led sixteen novice cooks through a culinary transformation journey. The recruits kicked off by recreating their favorite takeout dishes, showcasing their skills. Basic kitchen fundamentals were taught as teams replicated chicken paillard with salad, followed by a spicy challenge of making lamb curry. The recruits did seafood preparations on the S.S. Worst Cooks, crafting appetizers, shrimp and grits, and fish entrées fit for the captain’s table. A farm-themed obstacle course tested their agility before mastering biscuits and gravy and creating composed dishes.

As the installment progressed, a trip to the supermarket challenged the recruits, leading to tostada and fresh tortellini challenges. They hosted a VIP chef-impressing soiree with appetizers and cocktails and tackled baking layer cakes. The culinary boot camp intensified, culminating in a showdown in which Stacey Loper, a grief recovery counselor from Hoover, Alabama, won $25,000.

In the upcoming season 28, Burrell will return in all probability as the guiding force and seemingly will be joined by a new, yet-to-be-revealed co-host. Culinary novices are expected to embark on a challenging journey under their mentorship to recreate their favorite dishes, master the nuances of working in a professional kitchen, and navigate themed obstacles. The viewers can anticipate a season filled with laughter, drama, and heartwarming moments as the selected cooks strive to impress and conquer their kitchen.

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