Yaksha: Ruthless Operations Ending, Explained

‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ follows an unsuspecting prosecutor who gets thrown into a multi-nation espionage battle when he arrives in the industrial city of Shenyang. The South Korean spy action film delves into the intricate plans and counter-plans of rival intelligence agencies from China, Japan, and South Korea, resulting in a twisting tale of secrets. The explosive action is never too far away, and the generally desk-bound prosecutor, Ji-Hoon, finds himself paired up with the legendary maverick secret agent “affectionately” named Yaksha — a human-devouring spirit.

A colorful bevy of characters get pulled into the breathless mission as Yaksha tries to gain control of an all-important objective before his rivals. If you were left with a bunch of questions when the film ended, we’ve got the answers! Let’s take a closer look at ‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations Plot Synopsis

The film opens in a flashback where Kang-inn, aka Yaksha, is the victim of a violent attack. After killing the double-crossing agent who endangers him, Yaksha disappears. Four years on, we are introduced to South Korean prosecutor Ji-Hoon as he tries to bring down Chairman Lee, the head of a large multinational company, for tax evasion. Unfortunately, Ji-Hoon makes a grave error in his procedure, resulting in Lee going free and the prosecutor being relegated to a sleepy office of the National Intelligence Service (NIS). In an effort to get reinstated, Ji-Hoon volunteers for a mission to the embattled town of Shenyang, which borders North Korea.

Shenyang is a hotbed of spies from various countries because of its proximity to North Korea. Ji-Hoon is tasked with investigating why the South Korean intelligence branch in Shenyang has been sending in false reports. Soon after arriving in the city, the unsuspecting prosecutor finds himself in the middle of a gun battle. Under these violent circumstances, he meets Yaksha, the renegade head of the South Korean intelligence desk in Shenyang.

After being initially sidelined, Ji-Hoon finally convinces Yaksha that he means business, and the latter reveals the situation. Every spy agency in Shenyang is currently vying to apprehend a North Korean defector named Moon, who has control of the dictatorial Kim family’s multi-trillion dollar fund. Being suspicious of Yaksha and his loyal team’s motives, Ji-Hoon thinks the Shenyang agents want the money for themselves. However, a bigger plot is revealed when Moon is found dead and his daughter, who holds an all-important secret, is apprehended by the Japanese intelligence agency headed by the super-agent Ozawa.

It soon becomes clear that Yaksha and Ozawa have a long-running rivalry that also involves the brutal attack on the former from four years ago. With Moon’s daughter in Ozawa’s control, Yaksha and his team, including Ji-Hoon, hatch a plot to rescue her from the Japanese consulate. After the successful mission, Moon’s daughter reveals that her father has given her a list of secret agents all around the world and that she’s hidden them on a remote server only she can access.

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations Ending: Where is Kang-inn, aka Yaksha? Is He Dead or Alive?

Ozawa hits back hard by tracking down Ji-Hoon and threatening to murder his mother and sister in Seoul if he doesn’t deliver Moon’s daughter back. He also orders the prosecutor to murder Yaksha, which Ji-Hoon does by shooting the latter multiple times. At Ozawa’s hideout, Moon’s daughter finally accesses the list of global secret agents that are all actually under Ozawa’s control. The Japanese intelligence agent plans on deleting the list so none of his agents can be traced.

In the nick of time, Yaksha’s team attacks the facility, and Yaksha himself, having worn a bullet-proof jacket (something he is notorious for not wearing), shows up for the final battle. As Ji-Hoon helps Moon’s daughter escape, Ozawa and Yaksha remain entangled in a fight to the death. Ozawa thinks he’s won and attempts to delete the list of agents (or moles, as they are called in the film), only to find the list sent to intelligence agencies all around the world. The agent, his plan shattered, is subsequently killed by Yaksha before the latter disappears inside the collapsing building.

Though the breathless climax ends in favor of Ji-Hoon and Yaksha’s men, the titular character appears to have possibly died. Yaksha’s team fears him dead and Ji-Hoon, who is reinstated as a prosecutor and posted back to Seoul, is surprised to get a call weeks later from an untraceable number. As expected, the call is from Yaksha, who is alive and apparently on a new mission. He informs Ji-Hoon about the twisted new villain that they are up against, saying he will soon need the prosecutor’s assistance.

The mid-credit scene also expands on Yaksha getting back in touch with his former team, who are now scattered all around the world. When we briefly see Yaksha at the end of the film, he appears to be in London, England, already involved in his new mission.

Does Ozawa Die? What Happens to His List of Moles?

Ozawa is one of the few opponents that come close to matching Yaksha, making their rivalry quite intriguing. The Japanese agent, it is revealed, has defected from his intelligence agency and has created his own network of moles or double-agents who he has strategically placed all around the world.

In the end, it looks like Ozawa is killed. Interestingly, the film doesn’t show any deaths on-screen but features the sound and flash of gunshots to signify that a character has been killed. This is sometimes also used to mislead audiences, as is the case with NIS Director Yeom Jeong-won, who Yaksha is seen firing multiple bullets at.

Considering the bitter rivalry between Ozawa and Yaksha and the latter’s promise to take revenge on the Japanese agent, in all probability, Ozawa is killed by the final gunshot of the film’s climax. It is worth noting that irrespective of whether Ozawa is dead or alive, his list is sent to intelligence agencies all around the world, essentially decimating the rogue Japanese agent’s spy network. Thus, Ozawa is likely killed, and the source of his influence, which is his spy network, is completely destroyed.

What Happens to Ji-Hoon in the End?

Ji-Hoon finds himself posted back to Seoul and reinstated as a government prosecutor. Most notably, upon his return, he is able to restart his failed investigation into Chairman Lee. Due to Ozawa’s list becoming public, a number of agents and incriminating transactions are discovered in Lee’s company. Thus, the film ends on a very satisfying note where the prosecutor is finally able to bring the smug boss to justice.

It appears that Ji-Hoon has also developed a taste for violent spy missions, as is evidenced by Yaksha’s call. The latter claims that he is going to need Ji-Hoon’s help in bringing down a particularly ominous villain, and the prosecutor seems quite keen to assist. It remains to be seen how Ji-Hoon will match his duties as a prosecutor and a potential secret agent, but it appears that our hero might have picked up some tips about rule-breaking from Yaksha as well.

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