Yang Se-Jong: The Doona Star Isn’t Foreign to Heartbreak

Based on the Korean webtoon, ‘The Girls Downstairs,’ Netflix’s ‘Doona’ revolves around the strange predicament of college student Won-Jun. After a streak of events leads him to put up with Doo-na, a retired idol, strange themes emerge. Created by Lee Jung-hyo and Jang Yu-ha, the romantic K-drama features the undisclosed underbelly of fame. As Won-Jun and Doo-na’s paths keep on crossing, they soon realize that there’s more to their connection than they thought. Displaying the conundrum of a college student effortlessly, actor Yang Se-Jong has continued to make fans curious. So, if you’re also wondering more about him, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Yang Se-Jong’s Previous Relationships

Having won the hearts of viewers as Yoo Yeon-Seok’s rival in ‘Dr. Romantic,’ Yang Se-Jong has continued to scale his abilities as a performer since his debut. Over the years, Se-Jong has grown as a skilled entertainer and even won accolades for his performances. From creating a stir in award shows to displaying his eclectic skills across television and movies, Se-Jong has continued to highlight his commitment to his passion. Naturally, his growing popularity has made fans curious about his personal life. While the actor has largely kept the details of his past relationships under wraps, he has been open about the details of his onscreen romances.

In a press conference for ‘Temperature of Love, ‘ the actor expressed his continence regarding romantic scenes. Having worked with co-star Seo Hyun Jin in the past, he talked about the innate awkwardness of acting out romantic scenes. He explained, “The first table script reading was really awkward. It felt so different from when we were working on ‘Romantic Doctor Kim’ together.” However, as a performer, he overcame the initial issues by reflecting on the character’s feelings and not himself.

While his growth as an entertainer has continued to wow viewers, his journey as an actor hasn’t been a cakewalk. In an interview with NOWNews, the actor opened up about his hurtful past. After his career had begun taking off, Se-Jong, who used to date someone at the time, focused the entirety of his attention on his work, leading to an imminent breakup. Ultimately, it was acting that presented solace for him by allowing him to forget his pain and heal his broken heart.

Is Yang Se-Jong Dating Anyone?

While displaying the heartfelt nuances of love and attraction come easily for the ‘Doona’ actor, it seems that he is not interested in exploring that paradigm right now. Not only has Se-Jong remained decidedly quiet about his private life, but he has also shared no significant signs that he may be dating someone. Moreover, the absence of a partner on social media also leads us to believe that Yang Se-Jong is single at the moment.

Given the skills he has brought out in his work as an entertainer and artist, it is apparent that the television personality spends the majority of his time trying to improve on the same. In an interview with OCN, he shared how work has been his top priority. He opened up about the hard work he’s had to undergo to sustain himself in the industry. Following his mother’s advice, Se-Jong continues to operate with unmatched determination and conviction. He further added the words iterated by his mother that have stayed with him, “Se Jong-ah, if you are going to do it, grit your teeth and endure through it.”

While his conviction to do better has always fueled him, his filial duty towards his mother has also propelled him to reach new heights. As someone who values his parents and family highly, Se-Jong has openly talked about the hardships his family has endured. Having witnessed his mother’s difficulties, the dutiful son now hopes to make things better. Se-Jong also shares aspirations for his future and partner, as well.

Sitting down with OCN, he explained that his ideal person would be the one who could make his heart go, “Ta-da!.” More than physical appearances, Se-Jong has been looking for a person with whom he can connect emotionally. While the actor is currently single, he has shared his wishes to give birth to a child somewhere down the road. So, even though Yang Se-Jong is not dating anyone at the moment, it stands to reason that several personal and professional milestones still await the actor!

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