You Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Hampsie

In the fourth season of Netflix’s ‘You’, Joe Goldberg finds himself stuck in a whodunit. He is being haunted by a murderer who wants to frame him for the body count that has been stacked up by now, and will most probably be raised by a few more numbers. Joe’s task is to figure out who the killer is before he is pinned for the crimes he didn’t commit. Luckily, Joe has managed to befriend Lady Phoebe who makes sure that he is involved with the group in all their gatherings. In the fourth episode, Joe gets to spend the weekend with Phoebe, Kate, and their friends at the Hampsbridge House. By the end of this episode, he has a suspect as well as another victim. Here’s what the events of this episode mean for Joe. SPOILERS AHEAD

You Season 4 Episode 4 “Hampsie” Recap

Having killed Vic, Joe was dreading having a conversation with the cops. But it turns out that they have no idea what’s happening and are nowhere close to figuring out the identity of the victim. Following the interrogation, he is invited by Phoebe to spend the next few days with her friends at Hampsie, her family house. Joe knows that this will be a perfect opportunity for him to observe the entire group closely. The killer will surely be there, and so Joe agrees to go too.

At the house, Joe is given the room adjacent to Kate’s. He gets a secret note which he believes is from the killer, who had promised to meet with him face to face soon. However, it turns out to be an invitation from Phoebe who tries to get romantically entangled with Joe. She’s been having some doubts about Adam’s feelings toward her. Joe tells her that she might be misreading his worries, which turns out to be true. Unbeknownst to Phoebe, Adam’s business has not been faring well. He’s also considering proposing to Phoebe but is torn between getting tied down to one relationship and losing his freedom. Joe also finds out about Kate’s strained relationship with her father who is a very powerful and influential person.

Joe Suspects Roald

After a conversation with Adam, Joe discovers that it wasn’t Phoebe’s idea to invite him to Hampsie, but Roald’s. Joe hadn’t yet talked to Roald at length; he only knew that Roald was someone very close and very important to Kate. It is clear that Roald has feelings for her, which makes Joe wonder if he is the killer. It makes sense that he was the one who invited Joe because the killer had also promised to meet face-to-face very soon.

Joe goes sneaking into Roald’s room and discovers pictures of Kate in his camera. It turns out that Roald has been stalking Kate and is obsessed with her. This gives him a strong motive to kill Malcolm and Simon. Because Roald was in love with Kate and she was in a relationship with Malcolm, he must have wanted to get Malcolm out of the way. This is why he killed him and tried to put the blame on Joe, the new guy that no one would have trouble believing was the murderer.

As for Simon, he had become a thorn in Kate’s side. He was not half as talented as he acted and the fact that he was about to be exposed for his fraud would have put Kate in a very tough spot. Because Joe had also killed people who he believed were problematic to the woman he’d fallen in love with, it wasn’t hard for him to think that Roald would do the same for Kate. It is possible that as the killer, Roald asked Joe to get rid of Kate because he was testing Joe. Now that Kate is clearly attracted to Joe, it is possible that Roald has started to see him as a competition and would want to get him out of his way.

Did Kate Kill Gemma?

With his suspicions zeroing in on Roald, Joe focuses on finding proof against him. However, he is caught and Roald throws him out of the window. Luckily, the window wasn’t too high and Joe doesn’t die. He is only hurt a little. Gemma, on the other hand, was not so lucky. Joe hears a scream coming from one of the rooms and wonders if Kate has been hurt. He runs to her room but finds Kate alive and well, with a knife in her hand and Gemma’s dead body on the floor.

On the surface, it looks like Kate is the murderer. However, considering that the killer has remained one step ahead of Joe, it is unlikely that they would reveal themselves to him like that. Surely, if Kate was the killer, she would have run away from the crime scene, rather than sit and wait for someone to discover her and blame her for the murder. It’s simply too easy.

Gemma’s murder also rules out Roald as the possible killer. He is ruthless for sure, considering how he almost killed Joe twice in one episode. It is unlikely that he would hide in the shadows. He seems like the kind of person who believes that they can get away with anything, so he wouldn’t bother being so secretive about the murders. In any case, Roald was in his room, busy throwing Joe out of the window. He couldn’t have killed Gemma in such a short time.

Joe will have time to figure out who could have come to Kate’s room and killed Gemma, but first, he’ll need to focus on Kate and see how she reacts to the death of yet another friend. The murder will also raise the tension in Hampsie after everyone realizes that they are not safe even in their heavily guarded homes.

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