Your Honor Ending, Explained

Throughout the show, Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston) puts everything on the line to save his son, Adam, from facing the dangerous consequences of killing a mobster’s son in an accidental hit and run. As the story progresses, we see that even the deaths of innocent people are not off-limits. The series finale focuses heavily on Carlo’s trial and how it affects the Desiato men. So, if you’re still not over that ending and are looking for some answers, we have got your back. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Your Honor Episode 10 Recap

Elizabeth has told Adam the truth about his mother’s affair, and when Michael learns about this, he gets angry with his mother-in-law. Lee then goes to Big Mo, and the former learns that Desire had nothing to do with Rocco’s death and that the car hadn’t even been stolen until the day after Rocco had died. Adam and Michael have an honest but enlightening conversation about the affair, whereas Jimmy and Carlo talk about the trial and how Carlo needs to step up to secure his own freedom.

During testimony, Carlo lies through his teeth about murdering Kofi for self-defense. Fiona then asks Carlo how Kofi could have left the cell after the assault since the doors lock from inside and cannot be opened without a guard. Furthermore, she plays a video that shows that the door had never been locked, thereby hinting at premeditated murder. Nancy visits the graveyard, and the man at the gate tells her that the Desiato men had come to the cemetery one day after Robin’s death anniversary. She then interrogates Michael about it, but Charlie unknowingly saves him from the conversation.

Michael and Charlie then talk about Adam’s involvement and the trial, and Charlie realizes what is at stake. He also tells Nancy the truth – Michael is only trying to protect his son. Later, Lee also confronts Michael and asks him if he had anything to do with Rocco’s death. When he answers negatively, she realizes that Adam was behind the wheel instead. The two have a heated yet emotional conversation about justice and parenthood, and she wants Michael to reopen the prosecution’s case so that Eugene can testify.

The judge, seeing Adam and Fia together in the court, does not let Eugene take the stand because Michael knows Adam’s life would be in danger otherwise. After a demure but crippling conversation with Jimmy, Michael leaves a “note from a juror” on the lawyer’s table. Rocco’s final moments, as captured on the 911 call, are played in court. Gina and Adam leave the courtroom separately. Jimmy comes to console his wife, and the Baxters notice Adam using his inhaler. Since this was one of the only things left at the crime scene, Jimmy suspects that Adam is responsible instead of Michael.

Your Honor Episode 10 Ending: Is Adam Dead?

In order to protect his son, Michael has bent the rules. The man who once stood for justice and ideals is now Jimmy Baxter’s scapegoat. After all, if Michael had not maneuvered the legal system the way he does, Carlo would have been found guilty. Instead, the jury acquits Carlo for Kofi’s murder. To celebrate, the Baxters host a soiree at their hotel, and Fia invites Adam. Before entering, Adam switches his phone off. Jimmy calls Michael and tells the judge that his son is at the hotel and essentially threatens to hurt Adam.

Michael runs over there, but the security guards do not let him enter. In the ensuing chaos, Eugene sneaks into the hotel and points a gun at Carlo. However, Carlo moves, and the bullet hits Adam instead. Adam’s death, apart from tragic, can only be described with the word “irony.” While the show never explicitly states that the bullet is fatal, the parallels between Rocco’s death and Adam’s ordeal make it quite evident that Adam has, unfortunately, died in a similar fashion as Rocco. After all, both deaths are accidental, and both men couldn’t breathe as they lay on the ground, dying.

The other reason that Adam’s death is ironic is that it was almost inevitable. Eugene is the one who ends up killing Adam. Had Michael let Eugene testify at Carlo’s trial, the latter would have (most likely) been behind bars. This means that there would be no party at the hotel and that neither Adam nor Eugene would have been in the same room that night. However, if Carlo were to get convicted, Jimmy would probably not spare Adam’s life anyway. Evidently, and unfortunately, the Desiato men had been checkmated.

Will Michael be Convicted?

In the season finale, everyone close to the Desiato men essentially knows the truth. Be it Charlie, Nancy, or Lee, they know that Adam and not Michael was behind the wheel. However, Lee also rightly points out that in an attempt to protect his son, Michael’s actions have resulted in the deaths of at least five people, including Kofi. Now that everyone knows the truth, will there be any consequences for the judge, or will they give him a break?

Honestly, it seems as though the numerous deaths are something Michael will have to live with. Lee has already made it clear that she does not want to be with him anymore, and both Nancy and Charlie give him the benefit of the doubt. Plus, Michael’s entire motivation was to protect his own son. But with Adam’s death, it seems highly unlikely that the judge will be prosecuted for his involvement in the entire ordeal. Those who know the truth will, most likely, understand that Michael has paid the ultimate price – no prison on Earth could “reform” him now. So, they wouldn’t turn him in in the first place.

Will the Baxters Feel Guilty?

Fia is the one who invites Adam over to the hotel to celebrate her brother’s acquittal. Jimmy calls Michael, and in a bid to torment the judge, hugs Adam as well. The mobster is clearly toying with Michael’s feelings, which only makes the latter argue with the security guards some more. Eugene takes advantage of this to enter the hotel, and we know what follows. So, are the Baxters going to be feeling guilty about something like this?

From their initial reactions of horror and grief, it is evident that the Baxters are affected by Adam’s death, directly or indirectly. Therefore, they are bound to feel guilty about it. Fia, who loves Adam, is an absolute wreck. Jimmy tries to console his daughter, but the look on his face is one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon. As a father whose son was killed by Adam, maybe a part of him does feel… vindicated? But at his core, Jimmy can sympathize with Michael. After all, losing a child is a parent’s worst nightmare, and neither Jimmy nor Michael will be waking up from this anytime soon.

Furthermore, Fia will likely take a long time to recover from the entire ordeal, especially since she is still reeling from the loss of her brother. A part of her will always feel guilty about being the one to invite Adam to the hotel. Jimmy, who has already lost his son, may also feel guilty when he sees his daughter sad. Sure, he did not directly kill Adam, but it is consequently his tormenting of Michael that gives Eugene the window to slip in.

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