Your Honor Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Your Honor’ is a legal thriller in which Bryan Cranston breaks bad once again. He plays Michael Desiato, a respected judge whose life turns upside down when his son, Adam, unintentionally kills the son of a feared crime lord in a hit and run. Episode 1 sets up the premise well, but what is that ending all about? Let’s get right into it, shall we? SPOILERS AHEAD.

Your Honor Episode 1 Recap 

Adam finds himself in a dangerous part of town on the anniversary of his mother’s death. Even though he drives away, he realizes that he is being chased and starts panicking a bit. While looking for his inhaler in the glove box, Adam accidentally crashes into a boy riding a bike, killing him in the process. Although Adam initially calls 911, fear grips him, and he leaves the scene. He also throws his phone in the ocean as 911 keeps calling him incessantly.

Michael (Adam’s father) comes home from the courtroom to find that his son is a nervous wreck. At first, the father thinks that Adam is behaving in this manner because it is the anniversary of his mother’s death. However, the teenager tells him the whole truth, and Michael comforts his son. They decide that the best course of action is to come clean to the cops.

Your Honor Episode 1 Ending 

The pair reach the police station, and Michael tells Adam to wait in the car while he goes and sets everything up. However, inside, the father sees Jimmy Baxter and his wife mourning the loss of their son, Rocco. He realizes the gravity of the situation and walks out of the station without talking to anyone. Michael then informs Adam that he has killed Rocco, the son of Jimmy Baxter, one of the most nefarious mobsters in town.

The father-son duo then drives home, and the former instructs the latter never to reveal what had transpired that afternoon, as it is the only way that he can keep the teenager safe. On TV, Jimmy declares that he will find the person responsible for Rocco’s death. Following this, Michael collects and disposes of all evidence that can implicate Adam. The father even wipes down the blood in the car. The Baxters visit the site of the accident where Adam’s inhaler is found.

What Causes Michael to Change His Mind?

At first, Michael is fairly confident that his connections can grant Adam a more lenient outcome. This is why he goes to the police station with his son. In the car ride, Adam asks if he will make bail, to which the father responds negatively. At this point in the episode, Michael is willing to help his son out but not completely clean up his mess. It is only when the judge enters the police station and sees the grieving parents that he loses all rationale.

So what about Jimmy Baxter prompts Michael to actually cover up the crime and protect his son at all costs? Well, firstly, there’s the fact that Michael’s contacts cannot save Adam from the head of the most vicious crime family in town. The sheer resources and manpower that the mobster can employ to find the identity of the culprit are unparalleled. Plus, the entire interrogation with the racist white cop in Michael’s courtroom only proves that the judicial system is skewed.

Hence, we cannot discount the possibility of corrupt cops being on Baxter’s payroll. This also implies that Adam may not be safe in jail. It becomes clear that Adam’s life would have been in great danger if he had confessed to being the culprit. After all, the mobster has lost his beloved son and would be in the mood for vengeance, not forgiveness, especially because Adam leaves Rocco on the side of the road. Even though it is an accident, Adam runs away, which would only make him guiltier in the mobster’s eyes.

Therefore, Michael’s paternal instincts kick in, and he does everything in his power to save Adam. The judge, who is painted as a savior of the underprivileged in the beginning scene, slowly starts losing his judgment and just thinks of protecting his son. It’s almost as if Michael is confident in his abilities to hide the truth, but he completely ignores the loose ends from the afternoon, such as the SUV that follows Adam until the accident occurs. In fact, he doesn’t even know that one of Jimmy’s men has found Adam’s inhaler, which puts the judge’s whole plan in jeopardy.

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