Your Honor Episode 4 Ending, Explained

Corruption, scandal, racism, and lies are rife in ‘Your Honor,’ a drama that stars Bryan Cranston as a reputed judge who must now protect his own son after he kills the son of a notorious mobster in a hit and run. In episode 4, the glass is neither half empty nor half full for the Desiatos. While some strides are made in the cover-up, the entry of Michael’s mother-in-law shakes things up. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it. 

Your Honor Episode 4 Recap

Kofi Jones is dead, and it is none other than Carlo Baxter, who did the deed. In an attempt to not let the federal government take over the case, the Sheriff decides to sweep the whole matter under the rug and gives Carlo a clean chit. Since the convict only has a few days of his sentence left, this works in his favor. The blue Volvo is also crushed. Later, in a somewhat heated conversation, Charlie tells the judge that falling for Lee Delamere could be detrimental to all their efforts.

Nonetheless, Michael and the lawyer go to meet Kofi’s mother and return his personal effects from the police station. Things aren’t too great between Gina and Jimmy either, as the two tend to have arguments over different topics. Adam gets into a fight at school, and in the nick of time, his grandmother, Elizabeth Guthrie, shows up. The senator convinces the school to not expel her grandchild, and he, instead, is suspended for 3 days. However, from the get-go, she can sense that not everything is alright.

She even talks to Michael and reveals that there were no notes or flowers on Robin’s grave on the anniversary of her passing. Nevertheless, Charlie, Nancy, Elizabeth, Michael, and Adam have a nice dinner at home. This is when Lee also shows up. She talks about Kofi’s death and how corrupt the NOPD is. In fact, this is when Adam learns that Kofi was subjected to torture by gas. 

Your Honor Episode 4 Ending: Does Elizabeth Know the Truth?

Django keeps whining towards the end of dinner and because of this, Michael finds a bloody garment underneath a piece of furniture. Nancy even asks if it is covered in blood, but the judge knows how to change the conversation at the drop of a hat. He apologizes to everyone, especially his mother-in-law, for his recent behavior. However, Adam leaves the dinner table upon hearing all this.

Michael confronts his son outside and reiterates that the lie is necessary for his own sake. Adam simply wants to know the truth about Kofi’s death as he has been kept in the dark.. He even asks his father for the truth but Michael relays their version of events. After dinner, Elizabeth and Michael talk about Adam and why he lied previously. In the meanwhile, Adam goes to Rocco’s candlelight vigil, where he first meets Fia, his victim’s sister.

On the other side of town, the Jones’ house explodes and it seems as though both Jimmy and Gina are culpable for this. Once the credits start rolling, one can’t help but question if the grandmother is aware of the coverup. We think that as of now, she does not have an idea, but it is only a matter of time before she unfurls the truth. It is evident that Elizabeth is a sharp woman who knows her family all too well. From the very beginning, she understands that something is off about Adam— he is not his usual self.

While initially, she may have felt as though he is having a hard time with his mother’s death, she soon picks up more clues that could end up painting a more sinister picture. The woman is observant, and she already knows that there were no flowers or cards left on Robin’s grave. Considering that Michael planned to use this move to establish his alibi, his plan is in danger once again. Although, he is lucky that both Kofi and the car have been removed from the equation, as they were the most implicating factors by far.

Plus, Charlie is also helping him keep things under wraps. However, as someone who has lost their child, Elizabeth isn’t just going to sit around and do nothing. If she has an inkling about something, she will take action. So in this case, even after the various conversations with the judge, it is clear that he is beating around the bush. It will only be a matter of time before the senator uncovers the truth. 

The key could be the bloody garment. After all, it is an actually implicating piece of evidence against Adam, and everyone who is there at dinner that night sees it, including the detective. By the next episode, it is likely that Elizabeth would have figured out the truth and become an accomplice of the Desiato men. They could definitely use a woman like her on their side, with her know-how and connections. 

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