Your Honor Episode 6 Ending, Explained

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If you think episode 5 of ‘Your Honor’ raises the stakes, then you’re in for a treat with the subsequent episode. Not only is Michael (Bryan Cranston) able to track down his blackmailer, but Jimmy also uncovers certain truths about Rocco’s death. In the end, we even get to witness what happens when the two fathers cross paths. So, hang in there because we have some rather pertinent things to discuss. SPOILERS AHEAD. 

Your Honor Episode 6 Recap

Michael cleverly asks Nancy for “help” in locating the green Camry that belongs to his blackmailer and eventually gets the names of 4 possible suspects. Jimmy visits the Desiato residence and realizes that they are behind Rocco’s death. Meanwhile, Michael tries to find the blackmailer, and he comes across an old man with dementia, Ed. Not only does the protagonist get to offload the emotional burden of the entire ordeal on Ed, but Michael also realizes that it is his son, Trevor, who is the blackmailer.

What Michael doesn’t know is that Frankie has been tailing him all this time to confirm Jimmy’s theory. Michael even catches a cab ride with Trevor to learn more about his personality and motivations. Later, Michael calls Trevor and tells him to come alone and unarmed if he wants the money. On the other side of town, Fia and Adam spend more time with each other, whereas Carlo Baxter gets into the drug trade to prove his worth, especially to his father.

While Fia and Adam share a kiss in an abandoned adventure park, Michael realizes that someone has been inside their house. In two consecutive scenes, we see both the fathers having quite normal conversations with their kids about their future prospects. Fia even tells Jimmy that she can call Adam over if Jimmy wants to have a man-to-man with the teenager; he agrees. Eventually, Big Mo and Carlo get into business together, whereas Lee finally uncovers that Carlo was the one who killed Kofi while in prison.

Your Honor Episode 6 Ending: Will Michael Misuse His Judicial Powers?

In the end, Michael and Trevor meet up, and it turns out that the former has financed the boat for the latter in exchange for his silence. But Jimmy and Frankie confront them and take them to a warehouse. Although Michael feigns ignorance, Jimmy tells him to stop pretending. To save his own skin, Michael tells the mobster that Carlo is going to be arrested soon for Kofi’s murder, especially since officials have DNA evidence that implicates the Baxter offspring. However, Michael also states that he can ensure that Carlo will walk out a free man after bringing the case to his own courtroom.

Having already lost one son, Jimmy contemplates the future and shoots Trevor, as he is a loose end who knows the truth. It is evident that the gangster will take the judge up on his offer, especially since Gina would wreak havoc if anything were to happen to Carlo again. This begs the question— did Michael simply leverage his power to save his life, or does he actually plan to follow through with this? Now, at first, it may seem ridiculous to you that we’re even giving this train of thought the time of day, and that is understandable.

After all, ‘Your Honor’ hinges on the gradual decimation of Michael’s virtues. If, as a judge, he can help his son cover up the crime, then why wouldn’t he help Jimmy out, right? Well, that’s what we thought at first, too. But there’s an important part of this scenario, and that is Lee Delamere. Not only was it Michael who coerced her into taking on Kofi’s case, but it is clear that she is committed to the cause. That is why she gets a second autopsy and even takes on another inmate’s case pro bono just to find Kofi’s killer. She knows the truth and that DNA evidence doesn’t lie.

So if and when Michael sets Carlo free, Lee would definitely know that something is up with the judge. After all, she specifically calls him with updates about the case, and he knows that this is important for his former protégé. What we’re trying to get at is the fact that Michael risks exposing the truth to one of the seemingly best lawyers in the country, and it’s highly unlikely that she will become a part of the scheme if she finds out the truth.

In theory, it would not be surprising to see Michael disavow his duties and protect his son once again by siding with Jimmy. However, things will be different in practice because Lee will catch on to the conspiracy sooner or later. If Michael actually lets Carlo walk free, he will effectively incur Lee’s wrath, and she may become the very person to bring Adam’s past to light. It is clear that Michael is in a catch-22 situation and will have to come up with a completely unique solution (that may involve Big Mo) if he wants to save his son and keep the truth behind Rocco’s death under wraps.

Should Adam Move to New York Eventually?

Adam has his admission interview with NYU, but he is unsure if he wants to go through with it. Fia encourages him nonetheless with her own personal brand of intellectual and witty humor. With everything that happens in the climax, what does the future hold for Adam? Well, this is a tough one because the teenager doesn’t want to leave New Orleans for New York. With Fia in his life now, he is even more determined to stay back in his hometown.

However, it seems as though it is a safer option for him to move to New York. Firstly, it seems as though Jimmy only suspects Michael right now, but sooner or later, even the mobster will learn the complete truth. So there is no way that he will let Fia go out with Adam (even though the father doesn’t really approve of the teenager presently). Secondly, Adam can finally close this chapter of his life. This chapter is one that has taken a toll on Michael, and it would be in everybody’s best interest if Adam goes out of state.

All that the father has wanted all this time is to protect his son, so if Michael has to take the fall for Rocco’s death, he will do the needful. If Adam is in NYU, then at least he is safe and protected. Secondly, the teenager will be away from the Baxter family, which is a positive thing because you never know when they decide to go after him for the hit and run. After all, when they thought Kofi Jones had killed their son, they not only had Kofi killed, but they also blew up his house, killing almost everyone in Kofi’s family.

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