Your Honor Episode 7: What to Expect?

‘Your Honor,’ starring Bryan Cranston and Michael Stuhlbarg as two fathers trying to do right by their families, is all about the grey area of the moral spectrum. As such, in the climax of episode 6, we finally see Jimmy Baxter confront Michael Desiato about Rocco’s death. We bet you also have a lot of questions about what to expect from the next episode. Don’t worry, because we have got your back.

Your Honor Episode 7 Release Date

‘Your Honor’ episode 7 will air on January 17, 2021, at 10 pm ET on Showtime. As always, new content premieres on Sundays, so you definitely have something to look forward to for the weekend. 

Where to Watch Your Honor Episode 7 Online?

You can catch ‘Your Honor’ episode 7 on Showtime by simply tuning in on the aforementioned time and date. You also have the option to view it on Showtime’s official website and app. You will need a subscription for this, but there is the prospect of a 30-day free trial in case you’re unsure about signing up for the platform. Moreover, the show is available on Hulu, DirecTV, Fubo TV, and YouTube TV. Lastly, you can purchase the episodes off of Amazon Prime as well. 

Your Honor Episode 7 Spoilers

In episode 7, it seems likely that Jimmy will take Michael up on his offer. After all, Gina would not let her husband live peacefully if anything were to happen to Carlo, especially in the wake of Rocco’s death. However, it also seems as though the judge is in a catch-22 situation. If he lets Carlo walk free, then Lee will suspect something, especially because DNA evidence incriminates the mobster’s son.

But if he doesn’t help Carlo out, Jimmy will surely put a bullet in Michael’s head. Plus, what will stop the mobster from killing Adam as well? So the judge must make his next move very carefully. You can fool one person, but you can’t fool an entire judicial system. As such, the judge could turn to Charlie for advice. It could also be possible that somehow, Big Mo is able to (knowingly or unknowingly) help out the judge. After all, in episode 6, she says that she will “divide and rule” over the Baxter family.

On the other hand, some colleagues may just come to Michael’s rescue too. Apart from this, we expect to hear good news about Adam and his admission into NYU. However, this could also mean that Adam and Fia will have to part ways, which could coerce Adam into staying in New Orleans, further threatening his life. Well, one thing is for certain, Michael won’t catch a break from the entire ordeal anytime soon.

Your Honor Episode 6 Recap

With Nancy’s “help,” Michael gets the names of the four people who could be the possible blackmailers. In his quest to hunt the person down, Michael comes across Ed, an old man with dementia. Soon, the protagonist realizes that Ed’s son, Trevor, is the one he is searching for. Jimmy visits the Desiato residence and becomes convinced that they are responsible for Rocco’s death.

Michael then takes a cab ride with Trevor to learn about the man’s fears and motivations. Later, the judge calls up Trevor and tells him to come alone and unarmed if he wants his money. All this time, Frankie has been tailing Michael. Fia and Adam grow closer, whereas Carlo enters the drug business. Lee learns that Carlo is the one who had killed Kofi in prison, and there is DNA evidence that proves the same.

In the end, Michael and Trevor meet up. The judge tells Trevor that he has financed the boat in exchange for Trevor’s silence. However, Jimmy and Frankie are also there and confront Michael. In an attempt to save his own life, Michael tells Jimmy that Carlo will be arrested soon for Kofi’s murder. However, if the mobster were to let the judge live, then the latter could take care of the case in his own courtroom. Michael says he will ensure that Carlo walks out a free man. After contemplating for a while, Jimmy shoots Trevor.

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