Zack Morris: Unraveling Goosebumps Star’s Career and Love Life

Image Credit: Zack Morris/Instagram

Wrought with the fear and horror of the supernatural, Disney+’s ‘Goosebumps’ chronicles the story of a group of teenagers, one of whom is star quarterback Isaiah Howard. Given the eclectic portrayal, fans have continued to wonder more about Zack Morris, the actor behind the character. So, if you’re also curious about him, then look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Zack Morris Started Acting At Young Age

Gravitating towards the performing arts at a very young age, Zack always knew he wanted to be an actor. The Essex native was born on October 2, 1998, and received his calling after witnessing a local production at the tender age of six. It wasn’t long before he enlisted in acting classes and kickstarted his journey into the craft.

Besides acting classes, he also attended the D&B Academy of Performing Arts in Bromley. Here, the 25-year-old didn’t just dabble in acting but was also introduced to other aspects of expression, such as singing and dancing. Having displayed a zealous commitment to learning, Zack was presented with a scholarship by television presenter Marvin Humes.

Zack Morris’ Acting Career Took Off After EastEnders

In tune with his ambition to entertain, Zack kickstarted his acting career at the young age of nine when he first performed in the ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ musical. He continued to present his talent on-stage and worked in productions like ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,’ and ‘Oliver!’ The actor graced audiences with his on-screen debut in 2011 when he appeared in the miniseries ‘The Fades.’ Later, he worked on ‘One Night,’ a BBC drama series.

For a while, Zack performed in commercials and focused on enhancing his skillset. He continued to audition for different roles. The actor finally struck gold when he auditioned for ‘EastEnders.’ Much to his surprise, Zack received a callback quite a while after he had initially auditioned. Only 17 when he was signed, Zack spent the formidable years of his youth at the soap drama. Ultimately, the series began his foray into mainstream entertainment.

For a period of five years, Zack earned significant renown for his portrayal of Keegan Baker. Not only this, he even won the IARA UK Award for Best Young Actor and even received the BAFTA Award on behalf of the entire team. Alas, the actor bid goodbye to his colleagues after portraying the woes and wins of Keegan Baker for almost five years. Besides gaining friendships on the show, Zack also earned several takeaways from his time on the series. Attributing the life on set as a vital stepping stone in his journey, he explained his takeaways in an interview with RTE, “…It was the perfect place for me to gain exposure in the industry, and also get a feel, essentially, for what every little part of the industry was going to be.”

Besides this, Zack has also established his abilities as a performer in the role of Isaiah Woods in ‘Goosebumps.’ In addition, he is set to star in ‘Jericho Ridge,’ a movie that chronicles the journey of a small-town cop who fights for her life when murderous attackers target her office.

Zack Morris’ Dating Life Has Been Interesting

In a feat to scale his abilities and fulfill his goals, Zack is largely occupied with his work and duties. As such, the television personality finds little time to devote to dating. However, the actor’s previous relationship became the breeding ground for drama. Zack was previously in a relationship with Brooke Maskell, a makeup artist. The couple’s whirlwind romance began in the summer of 2018, just as Zack’s storyline in ‘EastEnders’ took off.

While his on-screen character grew closer to Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith), things between Zack and Brooke began to unravel. Ultimately, Zack and Brooke parted ways in December 2019 after realizing that their relationship had run its course. Later, a friend of the makeup artist revealed that Brooke felt as if Maisie Smith was the other woman in their relationship. Brooke’s friend also alleged that actress Maisie Smith was a big flirt. The anonymous source exclaimed that Brooke had confided in them and said, “There were three of us in that relationship.”

Later, speculations about a prospective romance between Zack and Maisie Smith also arose. However, the actress later took it upon herself to lay all the rumors to rest. In an interview with The Sun, Maisie confirmed the nature of their relationship. She reasoned, “Because he’s the opposite sex, people just jump to conclusions that we are an item. We’re actually just good friends.” As of now, it seems that the ‘Goosebumps’ actor has taken a step back from relationships and has been evaluating his prospects as a performer. Nevertheless, we continue to look forward to all the personal and professional milestones that lie ahead in Zack Morris’ career.

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