Zatima Renewed For Season 3 at BET+

BET+ has renewed the comedy-drama series ‘Zatima’ for a third season. The production of the same is set to kick off in Atlanta later this month. Tyler Perry, who created the show, continues to serve as the lead writer and director of the series when the series progresses to its third round.

In the second season of the comedy-drama, the turmoil intensifies as Zac and Fatima navigate the challenges thrown their way. A domestic incident with Zac’s mother Ms. Gladys unfolds, revealing her turbulent relationship with the former. Despite Fatima’s attempts to support him during a hospital visit, tensions escalate, leading Zac to reject help from both Dr. Reid and his friends. The situation escalates further when Zac attends dinner at Fatima’s parents’ house, resulting in a confrontation and doubts about their future. A perplexing encounter between Zac and Connie adds more complexity, leaving viewers to question the fate of Zac and Fatima’s relationship.

As the series gears up for its third season, viewers can anticipate a continuation of the tumultuous journey between Zac and Fatima. The fallout from Zac’s strained relationship with his mother and the unresolved tensions with Fatima create a web of complexities. With Zac’s questionable actions at Fatima’s parents’ dinner and a mysterious encounter with Connie, the dynamics of Zac and Fatima’s relationship hang in the balance. The aftermath of Ms. Gladys’ dramatic demands further complicates matters, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering whether the couple can navigate the challenges ahead or if this marks the end of their tumultuous romance. The third round promises to unravel more secrets, test loyalties, and explore whether love can endure in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Crystal Renee Hayslett takes on the role of Fatima Wilson, while Devale Ellis embodies Zachary “Zac” Taylor, forming the core of the main cast in the show. Nzinga Imani brings Angela to life, Remington Hoffman portrays Bryce, and Cameron Fuller plays Nathan, rounding out the ensemble. Having been integral to the first two seasons, there is an anticipation, though no official announcement has been made, that the same cast will return for the upcoming season.

Although the exact release date is not out yet, viewers can anticipate the third installment to grace their screens in the summer of 2024, coinciding with the production launch of the same in Atlanta this November. The city reaffirms its prominence as a pivotal entertainment production hub, evidenced by recent releases such as Disney+’s ‘Loki’ and ‘Secret Invasion,’ which were previously filmed in this vibrant filming destination.

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