Review: 13 Reasons Why Season 3 Episode 12

’13 Reasons Why’ Season 3 Episode 12 is easily one of the most explosive episodes of the season. Understandably, the penultimate episode of the Netflix show packs a lot of punches right from the start and carries it out to the very end. One of the mysteries that has finally come to light is what happened on the night of the homecoming game. We see how Jessica tried to lead a protest and her subsequent molestation at the hands of a Hillcrest player led to a fight breaking out. It is right after this that Bryce was killed and we feel almost on the edge of figuring out who Bryce’s killer might be.

However, Episode 12 gives us pause, showing us the aftermath of the game even as the cops begin to close in on Clay as the prime suspect for Bryce’s murder. There is a surprise twist right at the end which will leave viewers itching to jump right to the last episode. Aptly named, “And Then The Hurricane Hit”, Episode 12 cooks up a storm that all the central characters get caught up in.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Episode 12 Recap:

Episode 12 of ’13 Reasons Why’ begins with the thrill of the chase as the previous episode showed Clay going to Tony, asking for help to run away from the authorities. Just when we think that Clay has said his goodbyes and will flee, the boy who cares too much for his friends is forced to come back because Tyler feels he needs him. Meanwhile, Jessica has to make an apology to Liberty and Hillcrest students and staff for her protest on the night of the homecoming game, which resulted in all the ruckus. Using this opportunity, Jessica delivers an impassioned speech about survivors and how their narratives are important. In a touching scene, we see several survivors come forward, including Tyler, who finally seems prepared to tell the story of his assault at the hands of Monty.

Surprisingly, Justin Foley, a well-liked jock and a popular ladies’ man, also stands up amongst the survivors. His story is told to us in the next sequence and it is a harrowing tale of a child who was molested. ’13 Reasons Why’ is about dealing in hard truths and it uses this opportunity to open our eyes to the truth that anyone can be a victim of sexual assault and at any age.

While the survivors lend support to each other, Clay finds himself officially under arrest. The sheriff’s department questions him about his activities on the night of Bryce’s murder. They seem convinced that he is responsible. Even as Clay protests his innocence, flashbacks show how Clay felt anger and hatred towards Bryce on the night of the homecoming game. Once he saw Bryce kissing Ani, Clay made it a point to single him out during the fight which broke out. All of this, combined with Clay’s attempt to run, seems to tell us that he is guilty of something.

However, a twist occurs when Zach offers to confess to killing Bryce, telling Alex that he would not let Clay take the fall. Zach describes in great detail his rift with Bryce, which is compounded by Bryce’s belief that Zach stole Chloe from him. Using the fight as a cover, Bryce intentionally hurts Zach’s knee, ensuring his career as an aspiring sportsman is over. In retaliation, Zach savagely attacks Bryce on the pier, breaking his leg and probably his arm. He leaves Bryce screaming in agony, which leads him to believe that he must have caused his death. On hearing his confession, the law enforcement agents conclude that it is assault and battery but refuse to convict him of murder. Viewers are treated to a twist here since it is revealed that Bryce did not die due to the beating. Instead, he died because of drowning, as the water in his lungs suggests. The episode ends with Monty being arrested for first-degree sexual assault and possibly murder. We get a glimpse at the feet of Bryce’s possible killer, while Ani and Jessica share a heart to heart about their worst secrets. It seems as though the finale will be nothing short of explosive.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Episode 12 Review:

Episode 12 of ’13 Reasons Why’ has a lot in it to be admired. Firstly, it makes brilliant use of Jessica’s speech to shine the light on various types of survivors of sexual assault and portrays how important it is for their stories to be heard. Being a smart show, it chooses to portray male and female survivors, showing the rampant nature of sexual assaults. Bryce is shown in a few more human moments, especially when a yoga session with his mother ends in him breaking down in tears. However, by the end of the episode, he is back to the selfish and monstrous Bryce we know, out to hurt people and entitled to do whatever he sees fit.

That being said, the main momentum of Episode 12 comes from the investigation of Bryce’s murder and the interrogation of the suspects. Clay and Zach’s accounts are riveting, to say the least, and the first peek that we get at the killer is enough to send us scrambling to watch the finale. Overall, Episode 12 is everything one would expect from the penultimate episode, and more.

Rating: 4.5/5