3 Body Problem: Where is the Netflix Show Filmed?

‘3 Body Problem’ is a Netflix sci-fi series that narrates a mind-bending story of extra-terrestrial contact made during the cultural revolution in China, which results in an alien civilization becoming an ever-encroaching threat to the planet. Having visions and contacts from the beings, five friends come together to work on a solution while the world becomes divided on the potential repercussions and courses of action.

Crafted by David Benioff, D. B. Weiss, and Alexander Woo, based on Liu Cixin’s Chinese novel, ‘The Three-Body Problem’ traverses sites across the Earth, jumping between different times and dimensions. As the series transports us to developments around the globe, the friends experience a life-like simulation seemingly created by alien technology, showing them eerie and foreboding visions. While witnessing the cosmic horror and philosophical turmoil unfold, one may become curious regarding the eclectic shooting locations utilized in the creation of this ambitious production.

3 Body Problem Filming Locations

‘3 Body Problem’ is filmed on location in the UK, New York, Florida, and Spain. Additionally, we can spot scenes of Tibet, Hong Kong, China, and Panama at various points in the series. “There’s so many locations and none of them stick around — they’re so many one-offs,” said executive producer Bernadette Caulfield. Production for the show began in November 2021, and the first season concluded its first round of filming by mid-2022.

However, after reviewing it in post-production, showrunners Benioff and Weiss wanted to include an additional scene in the final cut. Before the filming could be carried out once again, the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike began, and the series’s first season was only completed after the end of the strikes.

London, England

The capital city features prominently in ‘3 Body Problem,’ and several of its landmarks and crowded streets are used to depict the metropolis reacting to the alien presence looming over them. Specifically, the sights around Piccadilly Circus in the City of Westminster are witnessed.

North Surrey, England

The series employs multiple locations and studios in England, including Shepperton Studios, for visual effects and creating sets. Located on Studios Road, Shepperton, the facility houses 14 soundstages and six acres of backlot.

Scotland, the UK

The verdant rolling landscapes of Scotland are briefly visible in the series. Scotland’s stunning geography, historic castles, and vibrant cities make it an ideal filming location to present hauntingly beautiful backdrops in shows and films.

New York City, New York

Shooting takes place in NYC and takes us to the UN Headquarters on 405 East 45th Street. Situated in Midtown Manhattan, the structure represents the discourse between the world governments in the series.


Located in the northeastern part of the state, along the St. Johns River, Jacksonville becomes a shooting site for a coastal sequence in the film. The specific locale seen is Vedra Beach, an upscale community southeast of Jacksonville. Additionally, The small town of Hawthorne, situated in Alachua County, offers a tranquil backdrop for certain scenes in the series. Its rural setting may contrast with the global scale of the show, providing a unique atmosphere for storytelling

São Paulo, Brazil

A cultural, financial, and historical hub, the sprawling city of São Paulo is a shooting location for ‘3 Body Problem’ that adds to the globetrotting sequences of the series. Actors Benedict Wong, Alex Sharp, and John Bradley were spotted shooting in the city for the first season.


Located in Central America, Panama serves as a captivating filming location for ‘3 Body Problem.’ Its diverse landscapes, including lush rainforests, tropical beaches, and the iconic Panama Canal, offer a rich visual tapestry for the series.


Spain contributes to the diverse array of filming locations in the show, offering varied landscapes and cultural contexts.  Located on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, sights around the Western European country find their way into the cinematic landscape shots in globe-spanning sequences.

Santiago, Chile

Santiago, the capital city of Chile, adds another layer to the global scope of ‘3 Body Problem.’ Its verdant urban landscape and rich cultural heritage feature in a sequence of the Iglesia de San Francisco de Borja burning.

Tibet, China

Tibet, an autonomous region located in the southwestern part of China, offers a unique and picturesque setting for the Netflix show. Its stunning mountain landscapes, including the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau, serve to imbue scenes with a tone of mysticism. The shooting for barren desert-like landscapes in the series is likely carried out here.

Shenzhen, China

A major city in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen serves as a significant backdrop for the series. Known for its rapid urban development and technological innovation, Shenzhen’s futuristic skyline and bustling streets represent the modern Chinese metropolis that now has to face the ghost of its past in the form of an imminent alien invasion.

Hong Kong, China

Much like Shenzhen, Hong Kong features in ‘3 Body Problem’ as a visual representation of the Chinese response to the existential threat posed to all of mankind. A bustling metropolis situated on the southeastern coast of China, the city is known for being a shopper’s paradise with world-renowned theme parks.

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