365 Days Boat Scene: When Does it Start?

“What did I just watch?”—that’s pretty much everyone’s reaction after watching Netflix’s Polish erotic thriller ‘365 Days’. Replete with nudity and sex, the film walks you through the romantic tale of badass Sicily gangster and an ordinary sales director Laura. Critically, the film isn’t being accepted too well, and it’s pretty evident why. However, it is shattering all Netflix records mostly because of its erotic melodrama and its graphic content. There’s a scene midway through its runtime—”The Boat Scene”—that is now getting hyped a bit too much. So for all the curious souls out there, here’s everything you need to know about it.

When Does the Boat Scene Start?

The first half of ‘365 Days’ revolves around the traction between Massimo and Laura. While Massimo tries to hold himself back from harming her, Laura resists his consistent efforts to seduce her. That’s when, around the 1-hour mark of the movie, the film’s infamous boat scene begins. After a long night of partying at a club, Laura wakes up in one of Massimo’s boats. The previous night, in an attempt to tease Massimo, Laura had gotten herself into some trouble. As a result, she almost got assaulted by one of Massimo’s rival mafia.

On the boat, Laura eavesdrops on Massimo and Mario’s conversation and learns that Massimo shot the guy who tried to molest her the previous night. Although she apologizes for what she did, Massimo does not take it too well and relentlessly blames her. Thus, another argument ensues between the two. What starts as a verbal spat, soon takes a heated turn, and Laura starts pushing Massimo away from her. While she’s at it, she slips off the cleats of the boat and falls into the ocean that surrounds them. Massimo does not think twice before jumping in there to save her.

After this event, when Laura finally gains consciousness, she realizes that Massimo may always be on edge with his temper, but he loves her. She finally gives in to the temptation of being with him, and that’s when the two make love in literally every part of the boat. From the bedroom in its hull to its bow, they have sex almost everywhere. So it comes as no surprise that this scene is now getting so much attention. Moreover, if we take the movie’s plot into context, this scene also marks the beginning of their relationship after all the build-up of the movie’s first half.

What Song is Used in the Boat Scene?

The song that plays in the backdrop of the iconic boat scene is “I See Red” by Everybody Loves an Outlaw. The sly lyrics and groovy beats of this song perfectly befit what goes on in the scene, and once you’ve watched the film, you can’t help but think of the boat scene every time you listen to the track. On that note, if you want to listen to “I See Red” you can find it on Google Play MusicSpotifyAmazon Music, and Apple Music. You can also hear it on Youtube for free:

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