7 Anime Like The Quintessential Quintuplets

Written and Illustrated by Negi Haruba, ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’ is a Japanese harem manga series that was adapted to an anime of the same name. Futaro Uesugi is a bright and intelligent student who has to face a lot of hardships. With the pressure of repaying a huge debt, Futaro lives an isolated life after losing his mother. However, his fate appears to change when the prosperous Nakano family moves to his school. Futaro receives an opportunity of a lifetime from them when the family offers to hire him as a high-paid tutor.

But there is a catch: he has to teach identical quintuplet sisters who have little interest in studies. Their grades are abysmal, and some don’t even prefer him as their tutor. But Futaro’s persistence and diligence convince them to work harder, and their grades improve eventually. If you like ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’ and want to watch similar shows, we have a few recommendations for you. Most of these anime can be watched on Netflix, FUNimation, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

7. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (2013 – 2020)

A critic of modern social relationships, Hachiman Hikigaya is a high school student with nihilistic tendencies. His teacher makes him help others by forcing him to join the Volunteer Service Club. He soon finds himself listening to people’s problems and offering suggestions. With an apathetic and eccentric worldview, Hachiman sets out to solve other students’ dilemmas. Like ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets,’ ‘My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU’ introduces us to a student who tries to help other students like him.

6. Kaguya-sama: Love is War (2019-)

‘Kaguya-sama: Love is War’ is a lighthearted comedy like ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets.’ It recounts the story of Kaguya and Miyuki. Miyuki is one of the best students in the country, while Kaguya is just as talented and excels in a number of fields. Both of them have too much pride and honor, due to which they refuse to confess their feelings for one another. As the story unfolds, they grow closer to each other, hopelessly ignoring what their hearts are telling them.

5. The Royal Tutor (2017)

Heine Wittgenstein is a talented man who is given the responsibility of tutoring four princesses by the King of Grannzreich. All four of them have unique personalities. Heine agrees to groom them for the throne. As the story unfolds, dark and puzzling secrets come out that challenge the viewers to rethink their previous perceptions. The similarities between ‘The Royal Tutor’ and ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’ are impossible to overlook.

4. We Never Learn!: Bokuben (2019)

‘We Never Learn!: Bokuben’ introduces us to Nariyuki Yuiga, an intelligent high school student who helps his classmates get better scores in their weak subjects. Fumino, Rizu, and Uruka are preparing for the university exams. As they study harder to get better grades, they grow affectionate towards Nariyuki. ‘We Never Learn!: Bokuben’ and ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’ both introduces viewers to intelligent students who are helping others get better grades. The student in both stories eventually grows affectionate with their teachers.

3. Osomatsu-san (2015 -)

‘Osomatsu-san’s is the story of sextuplets who have no motivation to find a job. With a lack of purpose in life, they struggle with adulting. However, despite all this, they don’t live a mundane life. They always find ways to go on wild adventures. ‘Osomatsu-san’ is a story of identical siblings just like ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets.’

2. Clannad (2007 – 2008)

‘Clannad’ introduces viewers to Tomoya Okazaki, an irresponsible and disobedient student who hates school. One day, he meets a girl named Nagisa Furukawa. Initially, they don’t hit it off, but when they slowly get to know each other better, Tomoya befriends Nagisa. He finds out that she dreams of reviving the drama club of the school.

With no other ambition in his life, Tomoya decides to ask four other girls for help to revive the club. As he spends time with all of them, Tomoya learns about their struggles and problems. He then decides to help them resolve their issues, just like Futaro in ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’ helps the quintuplets improve their bad grades.

1. Great Teacher Onizuka (1999 – 2000)

Eikichi Onizuka, a twenty-two-year-old, wants to become the greatest teacher in Japan. But he is no ordinary guy. An ex-gang leader, Onizuka wants to, one day, have a wife when he is old. He gets a job as the homeroom teacher for the notorious class 3-4 at the Holy Forest Academy. The students of Class 3-4 never let any homeroom teacher stay for long by using all sorts of mental and psychological tricks.

When they try to do the same with Onizuka, instead of reacting like an ex-biker gang leader, he acts with a lot of compassion. He helps his students deal with all sorts of trauma using his unconventional methods. ‘Great Teacher Onizuka,’ like ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets,’ is about a teacher who challenges and helps his students become better people.

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