A Million Little Things Filming Location Details

The ABC family drama ‘A Million Little Things’ takes its title from the popular saying “Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things.” Accordingly, the series focuses on what holds friendships together, especially in the face of extreme loss.

We follow a close circle of friends in Boston, who find their worlds turned upside down after a group member unexpectedly commits suicide. Eventually, they come to the realization that they must start living life while coping with this loss. Being set in Boston, ‘A Million Little Things’ shows us how these friends live their lives in the city.

Naturally, the locations are significant in building the story, and you might be wondering about where ‘A Million Little Things’ has been filmed. We have got you covered in that regard.

A Million Little Things Filming Locations:

Although the story is set in Boston, ‘A Million Little Things’ is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. According to reports, the filming led to ABC Studios spending $27 million in the province. It also engaged more than 750 local businesses and 32 communities. Around 380 jobs were also locally created. People behind the project have agreed that the infrastructure, wonderful locations, and the presence of local talented crew members, make Vancouver an ideal choice.

Now, without further delay, let us walk you through the specific locations in Vancouver where ‘A Million Little Things’ has been filmed.

Vancouver, British Columbia

One of the most significant Vancouver locations, that has been used, is the Pacific Coliseum in the Pacific National Exhibition Grounds. It doubles as the Boston Garden, home arena of the Boston Bruins. Notably, the team has a rivalry with the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL. In fact, during 2011’s Stanley Cup, there was rioting on the streets of Vancouver when Boston beat them.

Despite this history of rivalry, ‘A Million Little Things’ is peppered with Bruins references, and thus the former home of the Canucks has been turned into the supposed home of their real-life rivals. Thus, the stadium is decorated with Boston Bruins banners, and a full Bruins logo displayed on the ice. Check out the post below, offering a look at the Canucks’ former ground.

Some of the other places in Vancouver, where the show has been shot, include Templeton Secondary School and Jericho Beach. According to local reports, among some other locations where the show has been filmed, is Burrard Ironworks, in the downtown eastside area. The multi-purpose building was decorated to look like a storefront.

The show has also been filmed in and around Vancouver’s Gastown area. The Lamplighter pub in Gastown, located at 92 Water Street, has been used as a filming location. Check out the post below.

Since ‘A Million Little Things’ does not shy away from taking us deep into the heart of the city, a plethora of other Vancouver locations has also been used to stand-in for Boston. Among them are the Crocodile Baby store, and the areas around it, including 2154 W 4th Avenue, and 2010 W 4th Avenue (Bimini’s). You can check out the post below.

Filming also took place at 139 Alexander Street. The sidewalk and parking lane have been used for filming, with a limo sequence being shot here. You can check out the official filming notice below.

Other filming locations for ‘A Million Things’ include St. James’ Church, which is shown in the pilot, and Keefer St. Hotel penthouse. Notably, the areas around Cordova and Gore have also been used for filming. You can check out the filming notice issued for people in and around Keefer St. below, as well as the information about filming in St. James’ Church.



‘A Million Little Things’ has covered the city of Vancouver thoroughly, looking for the perfect filming locations. Some of the other locations that feature in the show are the areas between Bayview and Moncton, specifically, Second Avenue in Steveston. Check out the post confirming the same, below.

Granville Street can also be seen in the series, with filming going on at Roxy. You can check out both the posts corroborating the filming news.

It is evident that the crew has spent a lot of time and effort in combing through Vancouver, finding the perfect spots to help narrate the story of ‘A Million Little Things’. Considering how the filming has helped the local economy, as well as how the show has benefited from filming in Vancouver, the choice of filming location seems well justified.