A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 5: What’s in Store?

A Million Little Things

The latest episode of ‘A Million Little Things’ is called ‘The Talk’. What happens here is Eddie’s condition starts putting more strain on his marriage. On the other hand, he secretly continues to manage the pain from the accident. Meanwhile, Rome attempts to complete his movie and forges a bond with Shanice. Maggie and Jamie start growing closer. You can read the entire episode’s summary in the recap section of this article. Let’s first take a look at what we can expect from the upcoming season 3 episode 5 of ‘A Million Little Things’.

A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date

‘A Million Little Things’ Season 3 Episode 5 is set to premiere on March 4, 2021, at 10/9c on ABC. 

Where to Watch A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 5 Online?

The easiest way to watch ‘A Million Little Things’ is with a cable connection, on ABC. With the help of a valid cable subscription, you can stream the latest episodes of ‘A Million Little Things’ on the ABC website as well, just a day after their television premiere. Episodes are also available to stream on Hulu, following their release on television. Cable-free, live-streaming options include Fubo TV, YouTube TV, and Direct TVAmazon Prime members can purchase and stream the episodes of the show on-demand.

A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

Maggie calls Regina and describes how she has indulged in sex with her roommate, Jamie. Later, Jamie tells Maggie that he not looking to settle down with anyone right now since he still has not recovered from his broken marriage. Eddie swaps his prescription pain medications for aspirin and Katherine comes to know that Theo has been searching for things like ‘big boobs’ on the internet. The duo has the talk with Theo but the situation becomes awkward since Eddie and Katherine haven’t had sex since his accident. Eddie tells Katherine: “My body is broken, and I don’t know how to use it and I’m probably a little embarrassed to try to figure it out with you.” Katherine explains that they had become intimate after his infidelity and they can do it again.

Shanice follows Regina so that she can play her role in Rome’s film. Later, she meets up with Rome and says: “You may want me to play Regina, but in real life, I’m Rome.” On the other hand, Gary accompanies Sophie as she participates in an audition for a tough music program, which could be her ticket to Massachusetts Music Institute. Darcy is suffering from nightmares because of her time in Iraq. She wakes up and when Gary asks what is wrong, she refuses to explain anything. Later, when Danny startles her by yelling “Boo!,” thinking she’s Gary, she yells at him really loudly and instantly regrets her action. Since she does not want to talk to Gary, she sits on the stairs and at midnight, calls up Maggie.

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