How Does Sian Die in A Murder at the End of the World?

Darby Hart deals with another loss in the fifth episode of FX on Hulu’s murder mystery series ‘A Murder at the End of the World.’ Sian, who has been recovering from her near-death experience, dies suddenly while the amateur sleuth is checking on her. Sian’s death is suspicious because of the killer’s access to the medical suit of Andy Ronson’s hotel. The murderer uses morphine from the suit to kill Bill Farrah and hacks into Rohan’s pacemaker, seemingly from the same room, to put an end to his life as well. Therefore, Sian’s death makes one wonder whether the same killer is behind Sian’s death as well! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Sian’s Sudden Death

Sian has to endure a near-death experience, in the fourth episode of the series, after her investigation into Rohan’s murder with Darby comes to a halt due to a storm. After returning to the hotel, Sian tries to remove the helmet of her suit, only to fail. The oxygen supply of the same soon starts to run out, forcing Andy to perform an emergency tracheotomy to prevent the astronaut’s death. Even though the tech mogul saves Sian’s life for the time being, she dies after a while in the presence of the detective. When Darby fills a glass with water for Sian, the “explorer” passes away suddenly.

Sian may have failed to cling to her life after nearly dying due to the oxygen shortage. The astronaut only stays alive due to the advanced medical support she receives, which makes it clear that she hasn’t been well enough. Although the tracheotomy initially saves her, the procedure can be inadequate for her to live for good. Having said that, Sian dies without displaying any discomfort or struggle. Right before her death, she has a lengthy conversation with Darby. If she has been on the brink of death, it is unlikely that she can talk to someone without severe difficulties.

The (Possible) Connection Between Lee’s Secrets and Sian’s Fate

Before Sian and Darby’s meeting, the apparent killer breaks into the detective’s room to make her stop investigating Bill and Rohan’s deaths. The individual tells her that there will be another murder if she moves forward with her search for truth. Sian dies soon after Darby asks the astronaut about Lee Andersen and her intention behind marrying Andy. The killer must have considered the conversation as a continuation of Darby’s investigation, possibly leading the former to murder Sian as a warning to the sleuth. The person must have found a way to hack into the medical system attached to Sian to kill her, similar to the way Rohan is killed.

Through Sian’s possible murder, the killer may have wanted to convince Darby that death will follow her as long as she continues to ask questions. Darby gets attacked by the apparent killer right after she finds out that Lee has a passport in the name of Marie Larsen. Since Sian dies soon after her conversation with Darby about Lee, the death may have a connection with what Lee hides. The infamous former hacker’s secrets may lead Darby to the motive of the killer, which will enable the detective to figure out who killed Bill and Rohan.

The threats Darby receives and Sian’s death can be the results of the killer’s efforts to stop the sleuth from unraveling the truth about the murders and murder attempts that have been happening in Andy’s hotel.

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