Hallmark’s A Scottish Love Scheme: Shooting Locations and Cast Explored

With director Heather Hawthorn Doyle at the helm, ‘A Scottish Love Scheme’ centers on Lily’s long overdue trip to Scotland with her mother, to reconnect with her past before she begins forging a new future. Lily has recently ended her marriage after having worked for a family brewery most of her life. While she enjoyed the work, she had always dreamt of pursuing her passion for photography and applies for a six-month course in Spain. However, before that she plans to take her mother to Scotland, for her annual reunion with an old friend. As they reach her home in the breathtaking Scottish countryside, Lily is met by Logan Campbell, a good-natured childhood friend.

The old friends travel the serene landscape, catching up on life events, dreams, and aspirations. Little do they know, that their mothers have concocted a plan to set both of them up at this opportune time in their lives. The scheme works as Lily and Logan begin to grow closer, but her imminent departure may pose a challenge to the burgeoning romance. The Hallmark film follows Lily’s two-week trip across the verdant Scottish countryside, visiting antiquated sites and ruins, evoking curiosity regarding the movie’s actual shooting destination.

Where was A Scottish Love Scheme Filmed?

‘A Scottish Love Scheme’ was filmed almost exclusively in the East Lothian County of Scotland, as per the canon. With famed Cinematographer Michael Coulter on the scene, Principle photography began on August 7, 2023, and was wrapped up in nearly three weeks by August 27, 2023. The filming sites picked out by the crew ended up stunning the actors with their haunting beauty. Lead actress Erica Durance talked about the locations saying, “That’s the thing about working with films, you end up going to these places, that you would never really find (as a tourist).” Allow us to take you closer to the dreamlike locations visited by the cast and crew for this production.

Haddington, Scotland

A large number of scenes for the film were captured around The East Lothian town of Haddington in Scotland, with a number of its buildings and landmarks visible in the background. Situated 17 miles east of Edinburgh, the historical town is home to the Saint Mary’s Parish Church, Sidegate. Made in the early Gothic style, the 14th-century church can be spotted in the distance when Lily and Logan are walking together and holding hands. Another majestic historical site featuring prominently in the film is the Hailes Castle, parts of which date back to the 14th century. Its ancient remnants resting by River Tyne are explored through cinematic landscape shots, as well as with the characters’ visit to the location.

Humbie, Scotland

The filmmakers traveled south of Haddington, off the beaten trail, to capture the old-world charm of a small town called Humbie. Some of the film’s final romantic scenes were shot in the quaint Humbie Parish Church. The Keith Marischal Scottish Baronial country house is a heritage property seemingly utilized by the film crew for its interior.

North Berwick, Scotland

The seaside town of North Bewick served as a backdrop for the filmmakers to lens all of the beach and seaside scenes of ‘A Scottish Love Scheme.’ The former royal burgh of North Bewick is situated at the northern tip of East Lothian and is known for its rocky shores, bars, and world-renowned golf courses. The film crew was able to identify a desolate outcropping of rocks by the shoreside to set some of the most visually rich sequences of the movie.

A Scottish Love Scheme Cast

‘A Scottish Love Scheme’ is headlined by Erica Durance and Jordan Young essaying the roles of Lily and Logan respectively. Durance is a Vancouver-based actress who seamlessly settles into her characters while regularly appearing in Hallmark films. She is best known for her work in ‘Smallville’ as Lois Lane, and ‘Saving Hope,’ as Dr. Alice Reid. Young is a prolific Scottish actor most well-known for ‘Scot Squad,’ ‘River City,’ and ‘Vigil.’

Other cast members include Jo Cameron Brown as Cait Reese, Juliet Cadzow as Mairi Campbell, Jack Stewart as Caleb Campbell, Bradley Connell as Finn Campbell, James Mackenzie as Rory Campbell, Kevin McMonagle as George Reese, and Rodney Matthew as Cameron. Also appearing in the production are, Jonathan McGarrity as Phil DePaul, Dylan Murphy Neilson, and Paul Ellard.

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