Hallmark’s A Merry Scottish Christmas: Filming Locations and Cast Explored

Under the direction of Dustin Rikert, Hallmark Channel’s ‘Merry Scottish Christmas’ follows Lindsay and Brad, who, upon receiving an invitation from their mother, Jo, to attend Christmas at a Scottish castle, are able to meet after years apart. The estranged siblings soon get back to their childhood dynamic with each other and begin snooping around the castle. They happen upon old documents which reveal to them their mother’s noble heritage as a duchess. This was not the only surprise in store for them, however, as Lindsay finds herself in the middle of a fairy tale romance with one of the guests.

The story of Lindsay and Brad is set in a majestic Scottish castle with grand rooms and hallways. The setting is made even more fantastical with gleaming Christmas trees and decorations around the walls. Witnessing a heartwarming family reunion at a destination of such scale, you may be wondering where the filming of the movie actually took place and if it is, in fact, a genuine Scottish castle we see in the film.

Where Was A Merry Scottish Christmas Filmed?

True to its namesake, ‘A Merry Scottish Christmas’ was largely shot in Scotland, with a few scenes being lensed in Ireland. The film maintains its authenticity by being filmed in the locations it uses as a backdrop for its story, adding to its appeal with spectacular sights. Principal photography for the film, initially called ‘Scottish At Heart,’ began in June of 2023 and was wrapped up by July of the same year, with its release date on November 18, 2023. Let’s explore the specific locations where the Hallmark movie was filmed.

Berwickshire, Scotland

A historic county, Berwickshire falls to the East of Edinburgh in southeastern Scotland. It is ridged with rolling hills and historic sites while exhibiting stunning coastal areas along the North Sea. The castle we see in the movie is Duns Castle.  The historic house was reportedly built in the 14th Century and spans a vast 1,900 acres. It has been family-owned since 1696 when the first Earl of Tweeddale bought the estate. The site is offered for tours, weddings, parties, and filming. Shooting at the site began at the end of June and was concluded by the first week of July 2023.

Wicklow, Ireland

Known as the “Garden of Ireland,” Wicklow is a county town located in the eastern part of Ireland, just south of Dublin. It is considered to be the most beautiful part of the country, with lush rolling landscapes, waterfalls, rocky beaches, and historic estates. The film crew was spotted in and around Wicklow in late June. Apart from the Hallmark production, it has notably been used for movies and shows like ‘Vikings,’ ‘P.S. I Love You,’ ‘Cocaine Bear,’ ‘65,’ and ‘Braveheart.’

Westmeath, Ireland

Westmeath County sits at the center of Ireland, west of Dublin, and is also known as the “Lake County.” Filming took place in Kilbeggan, a small civil parish that houses the Kilbeggan Distillery. The crew was spotted shooting in and around the distillery.

A Merry Scottish Christmas Cast

The stars of the film, without a doubt, are Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf, whose on-screen reunion as siblings has been met with excitement. Both of them play the role of siblings previously in the popular teen family drama ‘Party of Five.’ Lacey Chabert is of Scottish descent and has made a name for herself in TV and voice acting. She has been a part of noteworthy productions like ‘Mean Girls’ as Gretchen Wieners, ‘Party of Five’ as Claudia Salinger, ‘Lost in Space’ as Penny Robinson, and ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ as Amanda Becker.

Scott Wolf is an actor and producer from Boston who is known for his roles in ‘Party of Five’ as Bailey Salinger, ‘Nancy Drew’ as Carson Drew, ‘Everwood’ as Jake Hartman, ‘V’ as Chad Decker, and ‘Perception’ as Donnie Ryan. Other cast members include James Robinson, Fiona Bell, Gerry O’Brien, Kellie Blaise, and Janet Grene.

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