10 Best Hallmark-Like Holiday Movies on Netflix Right Now

When it comes to the quality content of family programs, the best place is Hallmark. The channel is best known for creating movies and series that are family-friendly and are based on themes of celebration, love, and family. Then there are also Christmas and holiday movies that people like to tune to Hallmark for. One question that keeps coming up is whether Netflix has Hallmark films in its repository. The answer, unfortunately, is no.

But worry not! There are a ton of Hallmark-like holiday movies on Netflix. From cute romances to family adventures, there is something in every genre for everyone’s tastes. Netflix has a vast library of some of the best feel-good holiday movies around. So we have specially come up with a list of the choicest feel-good holiday movies that you can enjoy all year round on the streaming platform.

10. Christmas Inheritance (2017)

An adorable Christmas comedy-drama movie, ‘Christmas Inheritance’ follows Ellen, a spoilt heiress who is sent to the small town of Snow Falls by her father to deliver a special Christmas letter to her Uncle Zeke. With this, her father aims to teach her the importance of hard work and self-reliance and maintain the yearly tradition with Zeke. Ellen hides her true identity and is warmly received by the townsfolk. Soon she finds herself getting attracted to Jake, the manager of Zeke’s guest house, but their equation gets jeopardized when her fiancé Gray arrives.

Moreover, Jake gets upset after finding out who Ellen truly is and refuses to speak with her. Thus, she takes it upon herself to raise funds for the community Christmas Eve celebration. In doing so, she proves her capabilities to her father and Jake and finds a new direction in life. ‘Christmas Inheritance’ highlights the festive spirit and how it is possible to find love in the most unexpected places, thus making it one of the best holiday movies.

9. A Castle for Christmas (2021)

A Castle for Christmas‘ is a delightful Christmas romantic comedy movie that focuses on Sophie, a successful American author who suddenly finds herself entangled in a scandal about her latest book. To escape the chaos, she travels to Scotland during the holidays to visit her roots and goes to the Dun Dunbar castle where her father worked as a groundskeeper.

Sophie gets attracted to the castle and decides to buy it, but is challenged by Myles, the grumpy duke who owns it. After some hilarious attempts at one-upping each other, Myles and Sophie fall in love with each other. However, their conflict over the castle’s ownership puts a strain on their newfound bliss. The picturesque Scottish castle, dreamy romance, and beautiful Christmas visuals make the movie the perfect holiday treat.

8. Holiday in the Wild (2019)

A slightly unconventional addition to the holiday movies list, ‘Holiday in the Wild‘ is a touching romantic comedy movie. It revolves around Kate, who goes on a solo trip to Zambia after separating from her husband. There she meets a charming pilot named Derek and together, they embark on a wild adventure to help preserve a sanctuary that rescues elephants. They spend Christmas together and gradually begin falling for each other.

Despite various hurdles, Kate finds a new sense of purpose at the sanctuary and decides to stay with Derek and help the voiceless creatures. The movie brings out the true meaning of Christmas — to be humane and use one’s capabilities to uplift those in need. Even though it doesn’t have the usual snow and decorations of Christmas like other festive romances, it is an equally heartwarming love story.

7. Let It Snow (2019)

Based on the eponymous novel, ‘Let It Snow‘ is a Christmas romantic comedy movie. It follows a group of high schoolers who come together on Christmas Eve after a snowstorm hits their town. The sudden turn of events forces them to evaluate their sexuality, friendships, career choices, and relationships. The decisions they make on that fateful day change their lives for better and for worse. The movie deals with the dilemmas faced by young adults and their aspirations and hopes at finding love. However, the snow and the backdrop of Christmas Eve play a pivotal role in highlighting the bittersweet experience of adolescence.

6. Holidate (2020)

Holidate‘ is a romantic comedy movie that centers around the loneliness felt by single people during the holidays and how commercialized festivals have become in the present age. It follows Sloane, who is judged by her family for being single after breaking up with her ex, and Jackson, whose date dumps him on Christmas. To avoid people’s retorts and get some company, they decide to be each other’s dates during the holidays without any commitment.

However, Jackson and Sloane’s platonic arrangement soon gets complicated when genuine feelings start creeping up between them. Now they must decide between facing their fear of emotional attachment or losing each other. The quirkiness of the protagonists and the realistic portrayal of the societal pressure during the festivals on relationships makes ‘Holidate’ stand out among the holiday movies.

5. Single All the Way (2021)

Image Credits: Philippe Bosse/Netflix

Single All the Way‘ is a romantic comedy movie that follows Peter, a gay man who discovers that his boyfriend is married. In a desperate bid to avoid his family’s questions during the holidays, he convinces his best friend Nick to pose as his partner and accompany him home. Once there, Peter’s mother tries to set him up with her spinning instructor James, whereas his father believes that Nick is the perfect match for him.

After several attempts from Peter’s family to bring him and Nick together, they both realize their feelings for each other. However, their budding romance is threatened by Peter’s fear of losing Nick’s friendship. What is sweeter than finding love with your own best friend amidst the holidays? ‘Single All the Way’ speaks exactly about that, along with its simple yet realistic portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters.

4. The Knight Before Christmas (2019)

A cute Christmas comedy movie that explores the theme of time travel, ‘The Knight Before Christmas‘ is a much-loved holiday movie. It follows Cole, a medieval squire who gets transported from 1334 England to 2019 Ohio, on a quest to earn knighthood before Christmas Eve. He lands at the Christmas Castle carnival where he meets Brooke, a high-school teacher. Initially amused at his odd ways and attire, she assumes he has amnesia and lets him stay in her guest house.

Cole tries to fulfill his quest through acts of courage but finally attains his goal after falling in love with Brooke and kissing her. He returns to his time but when he realizes his unhappiness, he comes back to be with Brooke in the present. The movie portrays a Christmas romance that transcends ages and is thus a perfect holiday treat. Moreover, the festive preparations shown in it give the feeling of Christmas being near.

3. A California Christmas (2020)

A California Christmas‘ is a Christmas romantic drama movie that follows wealthy womanizer Joseph Van Aston, whose mother sends him to Petaluma before Christmas for a land deal in return for his lavish lifestyle. Callie is the strong-headed dairy farm owner whom he has to convince for purchasing her land. He pretends to be a ranch hand and begins assisting her on the farm to get to know her better. Gradually, Callie and Joseph fall in love and he learns a thing or two about living a life of honest hard work.

However, the dark truth of Joseph’s purpose and Callie’s trauma begin looming over their growing closeness. How they navigate through these challenges and save their relationship is further depicted in the narrative. Though it is not a conventional Christmas movie, it does highlight the values of honesty and love that the festival represents. The love of the fans has resulted in a sequel that depicts Joseph and Callie’s journey to the wedding altar.

2. The Princess Switch (2018)

An entertaining Christmas romantic comedy movie, ‘The Princess Switch’ is based on the concept of identical people. Chicago-based baker Stacy and Lady Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro, bump into each other and realize that they look exactly like each other. Margaret wishes to escape royal duties and experience regular life, and thus Stacy helps her by agreeing to swap places for a few days. While pretending to be the duchess, Stacy falls in love with Margaret’s fiancé Prince Edward.

On the other hand, Margaret and Stacy’s best friend Kevin get attracted to each other. How the revelation of their ruses affects their relationships and lives, forms the rest of the storyline. Even though it is not exactly about the holidays, the movie is set amidst the Christmas season and thus has become a fan favorite. In addition, there are two more movies in ‘The Princess Switch’ series that follow Stacy and Margaret on newer holiday adventures.

1. A Christmas Prince (2017)

‘A Christmas Prince’ is a Christmas romantic comedy movie that follows New York journalist Amber on a trip to the foreign nation of Aldovia. There, she is assigned the task of covering a press conference held by Prince Richard, the soon-to-be heir of the country. Soon, she is mistaken to be Richard’s sister Emily’s tutor, but she decides to play along with the confusion to gain access to the prince.

Amber initially perceives Richard to be an arrogant playboy, but gradually, her opinions change and they fall in love. Richard and Amber’s union is threatened by the secret of her identity and his scheming cousin Simon and ex-girlfriend Sophia. A dreamy tale of royal romance against the backdrop of a snowy Christmas, ‘A Christmas Prince’ tops the holiday movie chart. Its popularity has led to two more sequels which chronicle Richard and Amber’s wedding and first baby.

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