Where Was A Castle for Christmas Filmed?

Image Credit: Mark Mainz/Netflix

Netflix’s romantic film ‘A Castle for Christmas’ follows Sophie Brown, a best-selling American author who travels to a Scottish castle to get away from the scandal that ensues due to her book. The castle, which features extensively in her grandfather’s stories, is currently owned by Myles, the Duke of Dunbar. When Sophie decides to buy the castle, the friction between Sophie and Myles sets them off to an antagonistic start. But the ebullience of the Christmas season nurtures a sense of harmony and attachment between them.

Directed by Mary Lambert, the film depicts a heartening tale of romance against the backdrop of a magnificent setting of a castle. Like Sophie, who gets awestruck by the grandeur of her new home and surroundings, viewers can’t help but immerse in the enthralling beauty that envelops the author’s new chapter in life. If you are curious to know about the location where Sophie and Myles burgeon their romance, we have got you covered!

A Castle for Christmas Filming Locations

‘A Castle for Christmas’ was filmed in its entirety in Scotland, specifically in Edinburgh, South Queensferry, and East Lothian. The principal photography reportedly commenced in the second half of September 2020 and went on till November 11, 2020. Now, let’s find out more about the specific locations in detail.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The filming of ‘A Castle for Christmas’ chiefly took place in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. A few significant sequences were shot at the Edinburgh Airport. Located on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth, the city is renowned for its breathtaking architecture, appealing natural landscape, elegant urban spaces, and monuments. The city’s Old Town and New Town are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Edinburgh is also the pivot of entertainment production in Scotland.

South Queensferry, Scotland

The principal photography took place in and around the estate of Dalmeny House, a Gothic revival mansion situated in the town of South Queensferry that lies to the west of Edinburgh. It stands in for the Dun Dunbar Castle that features in the film. The mansion was designed by the famed English architect William Wilkins and was completed in 1817. The property is situated in an engrossing wooded park that offers a view across the Firth of Forth.

The movie vividly captures the splendor of Dalmeny House in great detail. Even though the romantic drama wasn’t shot in winter, the production crew succeeded in bringing the allure of Christmastime to the grounds of Dalmeny House with the help of artificial snow and other Christmas decorations. According to sources, the crew also shot a few scenes at the Dakota Hotel, a voguish upscale establishment situated at Ferrymuir, South Queensferry. The Mary Lambert directorial was one of the first major productions that started filming in the country after the initial lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

East Lothian, Scotland

East Lothian is an enrapturing region in Scotland that lies south of the Firth of Forth. The Lifetime movie was mainly shot at the Tantallon Castle, a ruined 14th-century fortress that faces the estuary. The castle was built by William Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas. Because of its unique construction that opens its three sides to the sea cliffs, the castle attracts a sea of visitors.

Bordering Edinburgh to the west, the historical region of East Lothian is known for numerous magnificent castles, enticing beaches, and distinguished museums. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Scotland with over 40 miles of coastline and charming countryside. The region is an ideal recreational site and has hosted numerous film and television productions, including ‘Outlander.’

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