Where Was Let It Snow Filmed?

It is quite well-known by now that no production house, be it an online platform or a traditional Hollywood studio, is as ready to jump at every opportunity to attract viewers like Netflix. The streaming giant has always made it a point to release content on occasions like Halloween and Christmas as these are the times when families tend to gather around together to celebrate and watch something pertinent to the period. The Netflix film ‘Let It Snow’ is one such romantic comedy set during Christmas. The film has been adapted from the book ‘Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances’ by Maureen Johnson, John Green, Lauren Myracle.

The story of ‘Let It Snow’ is set in a small town somewhere in the American midwest, and centers around the lives of a group of high school friends. The events of the film take place on Christmas Eve, with the friends finding themselves in a number of strange situations during the course of the night which tests their friendships and their personal lives all at once. Firstly, the friends come across a famous personality who gets stuck in their town due to the snow. Then they encounter a mysterious woman, a group of dancers who are there to participate in a competition, and a major Christmas party that is being held at a local joint called Waffle Town. Despite being a feel-good movie, the one problem with ‘Let It Snow’ is the fact that the film always sticks to its genre, and does not ever offer anything out of the box.

The most interesting thing about ‘Let It Snow’ is, of course, its cast, which comprises of Kiernan Shipka, Isabela Merced, Jacob Batalon, Shameik Moore, and Liv Hewson. Hardly any Netflix film boasts of such a plethora of young and dynamic stars. With such actors in place, ‘Let It Snow’ is bound to reap profits for the streaming giants.

If you have enjoyed this beautiful Christmas movie and want to know about the places where it was shot, you have come to the right place. At first, let me make it clear that ‘Let It Snow’ has entirely been shot in Canada. The two major reasons for this might be cost of shoot — which is much cheaper in Canada — and the fact that snow is an essential element of the film, and it was only in certain places in Canada where the crew could have easily found snow during the time they were shooting this film.

Brantford, Toronto and Millbrook

The entire film has been shot within the Canadian province of Ontario. Brantford, Toronto, and Millbrook are the three cities where majority of the shooting took place While Illinois is the place where the story of the film is set, it was most probably not possible to shoot the film there due to extra cost involved. On the other hand, the beautiful town of Millbrook was most likely picked because of its beautiful outdoors.

The changes of shooting locations within Ontario might have been done keeping the availability of snow in mind. For example, to shoot the sequence where the famous celebrity gets stuck with the group because of heavy snowfall is bound to have been done in Brantford where it snows more heavily than the other locations.

There are a number of scenes in the film which have been shot indoors. Chances are that the film studios in the bustling city of Toronto gave the makers the comforts they needed to bring the characters to life. This is the city where the principal photography of ‘Let It Snow’ commenced in February 2019.

Locations are not the reason why this film will remain in public memory. The sweet human connections which we see among the friends is the main element of this Christmas romantic comedy. Directed by Luke Snellin and written by Victoria Strouse, ‘Let It Snow’ is a Christmas film which you must check out, whether you live in Canada or not.

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