A Simple Favor (2018): Where Was the Movie Filmed?

‘A Simple Favor’ is a mystery thriller movie that follows a single mother’s search for her missing secretive friend, uncovering deceit and betrayal. Stephanie is a single mother who runs a cooking vlog. At her child’s elementary school, she meets Emily, a suave and enigmatic career woman. The two grow closer, but it’s clear to Stephanie that there is a lot more to Emily than meets the eye. When Emily disappears after calling her, Stephanie begins a search for her friend, reaching out through her audience for leads.

Directed by Paul Feig, the 2018 movie introduces us to the lavish and obscure life of Emily through the eyes of a starstruck Stephanie. The narrative is set in Connecticut, and its bright backdrops and music sharply contrast the dark elements present in the story, giving ‘A Simple Favor’ the character of a black comedy. The picturesque scenery and sites observed in the movie promote curiosity regarding the real-world filming sites employed by the thriller.

A Simple Favor Filming Locations

Shooting for ‘A Simple Favor’ took place in and around Toronto, Ontario, and New York City, New York. Principal photography began on August 14, 2017, and was concluded by October 11 of the same year. The genre of ‘A Simple Favor’ was something director Feig was excited to tackle, and he especially appreciated the work carried out by Anna Kendrick. “I am more and more in awe of her talent everyday,” he wrote in an Instagram post. The production team employed carefully curated filming locations to create a suspenseful atmosphere with neo-noir elements.

Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

Toronto and its adjoining cities became the primary filming destinations for ‘A Simple Favor.’ Most of the movie’s prominent backdrops were captured on location, with some shots being lensed at Pinewood Studios. Emily’s elegant modern home, as seen in the film, is actually located at 7 Ashley Park Road, Etobicoke. Situated west of Toronto, Etobicoke is recognized for its serene neighborhoods, parks, and indigenous history. The house is located in a secluded ravine and is just as lavish in real life, with towering ceilings, a pool, a climate-controlled wine wall, and a Swarovski Crystal chandelier.

When asked which scene was her favorite to film, Anna Kendrick revealed it was the sequence of Stephanie first going to Emily’s house and their following interactions. “I was having a lot of fun that day because we were nervous about it feeling like a really contentious relationship,” she said in an interview. “We found a way to kind of flirt with each other that was really fun, even though the things we’re saying don’t necessarily have that element.”

Elmcrest Public School, 2620 Chalkwell Close, Mississauga, stood in for Warfield Elementary School, where Emily and Stephanie first met. Elmcrest School closed in 2016 and has since been demolished and sold. Some sequences of the streets and bridge were lensed in the Unionville neighborhood in Markham. Possessing a distinct European feel, Unionville is known for its historical buildings, pubs, and parks.

Some interior scenes for the film were shot in Pinewood Studios, 225 Commissioners Street. The production team employed Stage 2 of the studio’s 11 stages. The interior segments of the characters in an airplane were captured here. Pinewood Studios is the only facility in Toronto that can accommodate large-scale productions, which, combined with the city’s tax incentives, has made it a home for a multitude of memorable films over the years. These include ‘Room,’ ‘Crimson Peak,’ ‘Chloe,’ and ‘Red Lights.’

New York City, New York

The production crew of ‘A Simple Favor’ traveled to NYC for the final leg of filming. The restaurant, Ristorante Basilico seen in the movie is The Dutch at 131 Sullivan Street. A shot of the restaurant’s exterior precedes the scene of Sean being visited by Emily. The restaurant is a lively and modern space with a diverse spread of cuisine, featuring indoor and outdoor seating.

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