Aaron and Kaylor: Is the Pair From Love Island USA Still Together?

Peacock’s ‘Love Island USA‘ places contestants in challenging situations as they form romantic connections and face ongoing obstacles. In the show’s sixth season, Kaylor Martin and Aaron Evans were drawn to each other from their first meeting, and their bond proved resilient amidst the turmoil around them. Their mutual respect, love, and commitment to making their relationship work both in the villa and the real world won the admiration of many fans.

Kaylor and Aaron Felt a Mutual Attraction Right Away

Kaylor Martin and Aaron Evans met on the first day of the season and quickly struck up a conversation. They felt an undeniable chemistry, leading them to choose each other when it was time to couple up. What followed was a rare sight on reality TV dating shows: despite the arrival and departure of new contestants, Kaylor and Aaron remained steadfastly by each other’s side. Their relationship was remarkably free of arguments, even as other solid connections crumbled at the first sign of trouble.

From challenges to eliminations, Kaylor Martin and Aaron Evans shared every strategy, spent nights together, and enjoyed lounging by the pool or on the many couches inside the villa during the day. When fans could vote for their favorite couples, Kaylor and Aaron were saved twice. Their trust in each other was so evident that none of the contestants attempted to break them apart. Even when new “bombshells” like Andrea arrived and wanted to date Aaron, he always found his way back to Kaylor. They discussed moving in together, and Kaylor even told Aaron she would introduce him to her mother once filming ended. It seemed like they were inseparable.

Kaylor and Aaron Have Most Likely Separated

Aaron joined his friends without hesitation when all the male contestants were given a chance to move to a new villa, Casa Amor, to meet new female contestants. Kaylor was initially disturbed but accepted it as part of the game. However, it wasn’t long before Daniela Ortiz-Rivera from Florida started flirting with Aaron, and he reciprocated. Before long, they were making out and kissing. When the news reached Kaylor, she was heartbroken and felt cheated on.

Despite their promises of exclusivity and building a lasting relationship, Aaron and Kaylor seem to have not stayed together. While he follows her on social media, she does not follow him, and they have not made any public posts together. It is possible they are adhering to production rules and keeping their relationship a secret, but given Kaylor’s current situation, it seems unlikely that Aaron will be able to fix his mistake and win her back. Even if they decide to get back together, it will be a little while before they make official announcements.

Kaylor Martin is Setting Her Foot in the Modeling Industry

At 22, Kaylor Martin is just stepping into her professional domain, and her growing fan following as a reality TV star indicates a promising future. In May 2024, she graduated from the California University of Pennsylvania with her friends and family beaming with pride. Her academic achievements are complemented by her experience as a Childcare Provider at Frock Childcare in Connellsville, Pennsylvania, where she is from.

Currently, Kaylor Martin is working as a model associated with MMG Model Talent and Celebrity Management and Miles Models. Under their guidance, she is navigating her way through the competitive industry. Despite being in the early stages of her career, she has already had the opportunity to work with photographers like Alain Moise and Carl Simmons. Kaylor is also one of the favorite models for brands like Generation Outcast Clothing and Boutine Los Angeles, having completed several gigs with them. The highlight of her career so far is her feature in New York Magazine in November 2023, which is undoubtedly one of the many milestones she will achieve.

Aaron Evans is a Beloved Reality TV Star

Aaron Evans is no stranger to reality TV, having won ‘The Traitors UK’ Season 1 and appeared on Channel 4’s ‘First Dates’ in February 2024. His charisma and on-screen presence have made him a fan favorite, evidenced by the adoration and love he receives on social media daily. Even critics recognized his talents on ‘The Traitors,’ leading to his appearance at the National Television Awards 2023 to collect the award on the show’s behalf.

Aaron has been working on his YouTube channel and is currently employed as a deckhand. While he has experience as a property manager, his celebrity status makes his job on a yacht seem more fitting. Hailing from North Devon, United Kingdom, the 26-year-old has demonstrated the results of hard work and determination and also gratitude. Along with BBC, he hosted a fundraiser for North Devon Hospital in February 2024 and shared that his grandmother also received care there during her last days fighting bowel cancer. The multidimensionality of his personality really makes one eager to see what else he has stored in for the future.

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